Many organizations are burdened by legacy software of many kinds, including enormous and excessively complex, monolithic applications. The 2019 CGI Client Global Insights reveal that modernizing application portfolios is a high priority for the 1,500+ executives we interviewed.

This whitepaper describes CGI’s two-part approach for accomplishing this: (1) replatforming existing applications from bare-metal or virtual machines to containerized target environments and (2) gradually eliminating huge monolithic applications by rebuilding their functionality as native cloud services.

Organizations can greatly benefit from this approach whether they own tens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications and need a streamlined approach for containerization. Those that recognize it is time to modernize a large business-critical backbone system that still has years of usefulness left in it but has run up against its limits in terms of manageable complexity also can benefit from this approach.

In both scenarios, organizations require a partner who knows how to tackle “big ball of mud” applications - i.e., applications that are cobbled together from spaghetti code without a discernible architecture - and how to rebuild them piece by piece while applying state-of-the-art practices and principles.

Download the white paper to know more about this approach.

Also, learn how CGI can help you take a comprehensive approach to balancing risk and value at every stage of your cloud journey.