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Communication service providers in the next decade
The bar has been raised for communication service providers (CSPs). The high barriers to entry in the former elite telecom industry have been torn down, leaving a brutally competitive market with new players. In addition, expanding service and product overlap among CSPs is making it more and more difficult to gain an edge. This paper examines the playing field and market dynamics, as well as strategy options for traditional legacy telecom providers seeking to transform into agile CSPs providing next generation services. View summary
Communication service providers in the next decade 13 / 300 KB
CSP DNA Evolution Journey: A Transformational Journey for Communication Service Providers
CGI has helped organizations worldwide take the first steps of their digital evolution journey. View summary
IT Governance
CGI’s approach and experience in using governance to drive business value within managed services engagements. View summary
IT Governance 8 / 555 KB
Order Orchestration
With the advent of IP-based products and services and a significant increase in competition, CSPs will be introducing an avalanche of heterogeneous products and services. Turning order orchestration to a competitive advantage is key to CSP success and, in some cases, even survival in the highly competitive CSP environment. The paper examines the ramifications on dynamic order orchestration and different strategies CSPs can adopt.
Order Orchestration 20 / 2 MB
Transforming Default Management into a Strategic Asset
As companies look to increase productivity in every facet of their operations, default management functions—such as collections, recovery and loss mitigation—offer real potential for gains. Effective strategies supported by the right processes and advanced technology can help companies recover more revenue, better manage risk and boost customer retention, all while improving compliance and reducing costs. View summary
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