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Aviation Security

CGI helps you to achieve a high return on your aviation security investment in terms of time, money and manpower.

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CGI Traffic360

CGI Traffic360 is a business process outsourcing service that offers both automated and manual processing of any type of transport-related data.

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Charge Point Interactive Management System for Electric Vehicles (CiMS)

Our Charge-Point Interactive Management System (CiMS) provides full-scale EV charge point management capabilities delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) in our private cloud.

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GO Airport Operations Suite
CGI's GO Airport Operations Suite provides a comprehensive platform for optimizing airport operations management, enabling airports to drive performance and profitability. View summary
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Intelligent Cargo

CGI’s Intelligent Cargo solution supports companies in managing the logistical and administrative requirements for transporting goods, regardless of load size.

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Intelligent Transport

CGI is leading the way in the large-scale deployment of intelligent transport and logistics solutions and services.

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Navici® Trip Planner

CGI’s Navici® Trip Planner delivers accurate, up-to-date travel information based on a user’s geographic location.

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Pro Logistica

Driving efficiencies and opportunities in onboard sales

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SAT-LX - Improving railroad crossing safety

CGI’s SAT-LX, a satellite-based advisory warning system, addresses the challenge of finding cost-effective solutions to ensure railroad crossing safety in remote, low traffic areas.

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SIGMA - Improving railroad track visibility

CGI’s SIGMA is an award-winning, state-of-the-art system that gives railroad administrators the ability to see a geographic and schematic representation of a railroad track network.

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Terminal Management System

CGI’s Terminal Management System supports the core business functions involved in dry bulk terminal management, providing complete oversight and control over terminal logistics and performing all administrative handling.

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Transportation Management Advice

CGI’s transport experts can recommend the optimum transportation management solutions to address your specific challenges and position you for growth and success.

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