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CGI AgileEnergy360

CGI AgileEnergy360 strategically integrates BPO and ITO services to improve business processes through the effective use of technology, including scalable, customized solutions to fit your specific needs. We deliver industry-specific capabilities focused on true mission advantage, while reducing costs, managing risks and improving service to end users. 

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CGI Business Process Outsourcing for Oil and Gas Companies

CGI provides value-added oil and gas business process services performed by experienced professionals. We combine deep industry expertise, high-quality process execution, and technology capabilities into a unique partnership model that scales.

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CGI Trust Business Process Services

CGI provides high-quality revenue allocation and property management services to banks, foundations and royalty management partnerships that manage oil and gas mineral assets for clients or partners. 

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CGI X2R Business Suite Overview

CGI’s X2R Business Suite is an integrated portfolio of solutions designed for managing the upstream back office with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency. It includes modules for land management, field data capture, hydrocarbon accounting and financial accounting that can be deployed rapidly and supported from anywhere in the world.

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Chemical Regulatory Compliance Management

CGI’s Chemical Regulatory Compliance Management solutions and services have been developed and maintained in partnership with industry leaders to address their market pressures and help them keep pace with growing demands.

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EHS Regulatory Advisory Services

As the focus on product stewardship, consumer safety and associated compliance demands continues to increase around the globe, CGI’s EHS Regulatory Advisory Services can help companies stay ahead of change.

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License2Share brings together joint venture parties with disparate applications, processes and data to form a single, secure platform for effective collaboration.

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This system integrates mapping, retrieval, browse and powerful spatial data analysis tools with the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of a geographic information system (GIS).
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PetroComp Accounting
PetroComp Accounting is an easy-to-use oil and gas accounting system that handles everything from general accounting functions, such as payables, receivables, general ledger and financial reporting to joint venture accounting, such as AFE reporting, joint interest billing and revenue distributions
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PetroComp Land
PetroComp Land is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use system for managing your oil and gas leases and other fee properties
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PetroComp PEEK
PetroComp PEEK is a petroleum economic evaluation package that provides information needed to make tough decisions for acquisitions and divestitures, exploration prospect analysis, finance and leverage comparisons, reserve estimates, budget forecasts and risk expected value analysis
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PetroComp Production
PetroComp Production helps you to automate your processes and free critical resources for value-added assignments. This system will improve the accuracy of your data and expedite your month end closings
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PetroComp Production Management (PM) Suite
PM Suite is a leading production management system, offering an efficient way of collecting, compiling and reporting field data.
PetroComp Production Management (PM) Suite 2 / 179 KB
ProSteward Online
A hazard communication and chemical inventory reporting system.
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A solution for industrial organizations that streamlines the processes and systems for global hazardous materials compliance.
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SDS Authoring Business Process as a Service

Achieving a predictable, sustainable and cost-effective chemical compliance model is possible with the help of comprehensive SDS authoring services from CGI.

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Vantage POB

Vantage POB (Personnel On Board) is CGI's personnel tracking and flight scheduling system used by the oil and gas industry to control and monitor the movements of personnel to, from and between offshore and onshore facilities.

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X2R - Exploration2Revenue Business Suite

CGI’s integrated solution and services suite designed for managing the upstream back office with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency.

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X2R - Exploration2Revenue Mobile Data Capture Solution Brief

This solution brief demonstrates how CGI’s new Exploration2Revenue Mobile Data Capture (X2R MDC) solution helps oil and gas companies increase data accuracy and reduce expenses.

X2R - Exploration2Revenue Mobile Data Capture Solution Brief 8 / 2 MB
X2R FAS (Financial Accounting Solution)

X2R financial accounting solution for accounts payable, accounts receivable, joint interest billings, revenue distributions, general ledger and more.

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X2R HCA (Hydrocarbon Accounting)

X2R hydrocarbon accounting solution for onshore production operations, including data analysis with respect to cost of operations, including modules for Production Management and Revenue and Allocation.

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X2R LAND (Land Management)

X2R land and asset management solution for tracking oil and gas surface and mineral assets.

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X2R MDC (Mobile Data Capture)

X2R mobile data capture (MDC) solution for production volume field data capture for mobile Windows® devices.

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