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CGI Case Management Solution
CGI Case Management automates and transforms case management, driving efficiencies, flexibility and enhanced customer service. View summary
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CGI Core Offerings for U.S. Insurers

CGI provides a full spectrum of flexible and adaptable insurance services, including IT and business consulting, systems integration, application management and development, infrastructure management, and outsourcing services, as well as a comprehensive suite of innovative IPbased solutions.

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This solution provides a cloud model for insurance administration that fits the digital world of insurance while expertly managing legacy business. 

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CGI Health IT solutions and services
Overview of CGI health IT solutions and services. CGI builds and manages business, clinical and IT solutions for the complex and mission-critical operations of public and private sector health organizations. View summary
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CGI in Insurance

Read how CGI's global presence and legacy in the property and casualty (P&C) and life insurance sectors is helping hundreds of insurers, brokers and agents around the world implement the right information technology and business process solutions across the insurance value chain to help them win and grow.

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CGI Ratabase 8®

CGI, a leader in insurance rating and product configuration software, has released Ratabase 8—an innovative and streamlined approach to the creation and management of insurance products that empower business users to deploy their rating programs in a fraction of the time and cost.

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CGI Ratabase Executive Brochure
A comprehensive set of tools that empower insurance professionals to build, design, and publish products in the fastest possible time and manner
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CGI Ratabase Fact Sheet

CGI Ratabase is a comprehensive set of powerful rating and product configuration tools that transform rating and empower your business professionals to build, design and release competitive products in the fastest possible time.

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CGI Ratabase Solution Brief
Externalize your rating engine to grow market share, accelerate processing, and gain a competitive edge with CGI Ratabase®
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CGI’s Checkpoint 2.0
Automated, web-enabled solution providing complete pre-insurance and physical damage inspection services for U.S. auto insurance companies.
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Cyber Insurance

Insurers are partnering with CGI to help manage the cyber risks of their policy holders. CGI’s global cybersecurity practice, borne out of our deep experience in security services for commercial, government and defense clients, provides a broad portfolio of cyber services to organizations in all industries, including insurers.

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Predictive Analytics

CGI helps organizations analyze past behavior and predict the likelihood of future behavior.

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Ratabase Prime

CGI’s Ratabase Prime is a high-end consulting service offered to licensed Ratabase clients that is focused on improving the price modeling process.

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Regulatory and Statistical Reporting
Leading-edge regulatory and statistical reporting for the insurance industry
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