Infrastructure services


Infrastructure services
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Audit and compliance services
Keep pace with data collection, control frameworks and auditor relationships, without putting your company at risk.
Audit and compliance services 4 / 333 KB
CGI Archiving as a Service

The explosive growth of data is adding complexity and expenses to most IT environments. CGI Archiving as a Service helps organizations control expenses and simplify their operations by archiving data into the CGI Cloud.

CGI Archiving as a Service 4 / 138 KB
CGI Bottomless Edge-to-Core Storage

CGI Bottomless Edge-to-Core Storage is an object storage solution that enables IT organizations to store, share, sync, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data from a single system. It is more efficient, is easier to use, and can handle much more data than traditional file storage solutions.

CGI Bottomless Edge-to-Core Storage 2 / 213 KB
CGI Data Vaulting

The CGI Data Vaulting solution solves many issues for a business lacking or not willing to invest in a secondary site or data center. It provides your organization with a secure location to place data entirely managed by IT storage professionals.

CGI Data Vaulting 2 / 160 KB
CGI Disaster Recovery as a Service

CGI Disaster Recovery as a Service increases data resilience to reduce business and regulatory risk, and increases operational efficiency enhancing our customers’ ability to address market opportunities and competitive challenges.

CGI Disaster Recovery as a Service 2 / 159 KB
CGI Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share

Across today’s organizations, employees are creating and sharing more data than ever before, but this information exchange no longer takes place solely on an organization’s IT assets. The CGI Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share provides secure file synchronization and sharing, improving productivity and collaboration across your entire organization.

CGI Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share 3 / 168 KB
CGI Storage as a Service (STaaS)

The CGI Storage as a Service (STaaS) platform is cost efficient and flexible, and can be used in di fferent ways to suit your needs: presented securely to an existing envi ronment and sel f-managed, or as a foundation for a private cloud platform.

CGI Storage as a Service (STaaS) 4 / 251 KB
CGI Unify360 Cloud Enablement Services

CGI Unify360 cloud and hybrid IT enablement and transformation services are designed to reduce cost, complexity and risk; maximize utilization; improve security; and provide clear direction on the best-fit approach for each organization.

CGI Unify360 Cloud Enablement Services 2 / 302 KB
CGI Unify360 Hybrid Infrastructure Services

CGI Unify360 hybrid infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings give enterprises the power to choose an optimal mix of clouds for their unique workload portfolios and complex requirements, including cost, security, performance, agility, architecture, resilience and strategy.

CGI Unify360 Hybrid Infrastructure Services 2 / 256 KB
CGI Unify360 Managed Services

CGI Unify360 managed services provide the visibility and control needed to achieve consistent, high-quality business performance.

CGI Unify360 Managed Services 2 / 204 KB
Data Center Facilities and Management
CGI’s Data Center Management services provide a full suite of offerings to manage the entire lifecycle of a data center.
Data Center Facilities and Management 4 / 330 KB
Data Center Optimization and Consolidation
CGI has the knowledge and expertise to help you use your business and technical requirements to create a data center consolidation and migration strategy that will deliver significant savings and efficiencies.
Data Center Optimization and Consolidation 8 / 542 KB
Enterprise service management
CGI’s Enterprise Service Management solution provides you with tailored, end-to-end services that delivers top service to users, and monitors all aspects of your infrastructure within one system, while proactively identifies areas for enhanced efficiency.
Enterprise service management 4 / 334 KB
Global infrastructure services overview
CGI’s infrastructure solutions include committed service levels that are aligned to IT and business needs, industry best practices, world-class capabilities and quality delivery.
Global infrastructure services overview 8 / 553 KB
Green data centers
Details CGI’s cost-effective, innovative and energy efficient infrastructure management centers that adhere to the highest level of quality and security standards
Green data centers 8 / 7 MB
Hybrid Cloud & IT Management Overview

This overview presents our clients’ trends and priorities for cloud and infrastructure management, as well as CGI’s unique approach to managing hybrid IT environments to support digital transformation. It’s part of our digital transformation series. View the online flipbook.

View summary
Hybrid Cloud & IT Management Overview 12 / 1 MB
Infrastructure Consulting
CGI’s time-tested consulting approach helps you better understand your current environment and recognizes improvements that optimize your operation – by reducing costs, supporting compliance and enhancing service and systems response.
Infrastructure Consulting 8 / 392 KB
Laptop/Desktop Backup
CGI’s Laptop/Desktop Backup solution offers an easy, efficient and fully automated method of securely backing up important data on your computers.
Laptop/Desktop Backup 4 / 300 KB
Mainframe Consulting
CGI’s Mainframe Consulting guides you in the optimization and management of your mainframe environment, while providing planning expertise to help achieve success and minimize transition impacts.
Mainframe Consulting 4 / 398 KB
Multisource Service Integration (MSI)/Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

As the market moves towards hybrid IT models combining cloud and legacy environments, CGI offers IT outsourcing expertise, consulting services, proven cloud experience and a comprehensive governance model for service integration and management.

Multisource Service Integration (MSI)/Service Integration and Management (SIAM) 2 / 357 KB
Outcome-based outsourcing
CGI's outcome-based outsourcing approach provides clients with a platform that improves service quality while reducing operational costs and bringing greater transparency, agility and flexibility to client organizations. View summary
Outcome-based outsourcing 2 / 100 KB
Printing and Document Management Services
CGI’s Document Management Services combines state-of-the-art, secure technology capabilities with industry expertise to provide a tailored approach to your unique printing and document needs.
Printing and Document Management Services 3 / 399 KB
Technical service desk
CGI’s Technical Service Desk provides full managed services support, while integrating seamlessly and cost-effectively with your existing in-house capabilities, thereby quickly extending world-class service wherever and whenever you need it.
Technical service desk 8 / 9 MB
Telecom expense management
CGI’s Telecom Expense Management services offer an enterprise-wide view of the entire telecom infrastructure so you can better understand and manage costs and inventory.
Telecom expense management 4 / 297 KB