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CGI Migration Services for Microsoft® technology

Many organizations are seeking to reduce their legacy IT spend and re-invest the savings into digital enabling technology to drive business agility and overall competitiveness. CGI works with enterprises and governments to help them achieve this goal by migrating legacy IT infrastructure to the latest Microsoft technology.

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CGI Unify360 Overview Factsheet

For enterprises seeking greater control of their hybrid IT universes, the CGI Unify360 Hybrid IT Management Suite enables holistic management of both on-premises and cloud-based services. This robust, integrated offering helps organizations maximize their IT portfolios for greater agility, innovation and competitive advantage. 

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Hybrid Cloud & IT Management Overview

This overview presents our clients’ trends and priorities for cloud and infrastructure management, as well as CGI’s unique approach to managing hybrid IT environments to support digital transformation. It’s part of our digital transformation series. View the online flipbook.

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Outcome-based outsourcing
CGI's outcome-based outsourcing approach provides clients with a platform that improves service quality while reducing operational costs and bringing greater transparency, agility and flexibility to client organizations. View summary
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