Banking and financial markets


Banking and financial markets
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All Payments

Superior payment management

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CACS Enterprise
A system that helps to improve all aspects of your collections and recovery operations View summary
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CACS® Enterprise Breakthrough collections and recovery
CGI's market-leading CACS Enterprise enables breakthrough performance in collections and recovery. View summary
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CACS® Recovery Accounting

Part of CGI’s CACS® Enterprise collections and recovery system, CACS Recovery Accounting addresses today’s key recovery accounting challenges, driving results and competitive advantage.

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CGI Collections360 at a glance
A brief 2 page overview explaining how Collections360 improves collection rates and capacity without upfront capital outlays View summary
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CGI Collections360 Business Process Services (BPS)

CGI Collections360 BPS addresses the challenges in delivering world-class collection services.

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CGI Comply

A set of integrated, comprehensive consulting services that work in conjunction with CGI Collections360 and related solutions and helps clients manage and significantly reduce their compliance risk.

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CGI Connect

CGI Connect supports interactive voice response (IVR), dialer, text message, email, and web portal needs by leveraging CGI partnerships and also delivers a variety of technology solutions that meet our clients’ diverse channel management needs. 

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CGI Enterprise Gateway
This solution greatly simplifies the increasingly complex process of creating and maintaining multiple interfaces to third-party data sources. View summary
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CGI Gateway360®

CGI Gateway360® uses the cloud to provide a single point of access to third-party credit and collections information services and analytics for better decisions and faster response at the lowest cost.

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CGI HotScan360

CGI HotScan360 is a comprehensive and versatile risk management platform that provides real-time fraud detection, payments filtering, know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) capabilities, and anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring.

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CGI in Financial Services

An overview of CGI’s capabilities and work in the financial services sector.

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CGI Insight

CGI Insight offers complete capabilities for using collections data to measure, better understand and improve collections performance. 

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CGI Trade360 - Application Programming Interfaces

Application programming interfaces (APIs) give an organization access to data and functions and make them available for general use across the enterprise.

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CGI Trade360 - Cash Management
CGI Trade360® enables cash management across the globe. The service enables banks to provide customers with online account query and transfer between accounts, as well as single and bulk domestic and international payments. CGI Trade360’s Transaction Processing System provides fully integrated back-office processing and integrates with the bank’s downstream settlement and clearing systems. View summary
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CGI Trade360 - Collateral Management

CGI Trade360® Collateral Management provides banks with real-time visibility of its entire collateral portfolio and the ability to provide end-to-end structured/commodity finance deals to support trade and finance products using complex collateral structures.

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CGI Trade360 - Global Transaction Platform
Delivered from a private, highly secure community cloud, CGI Trade360® runs the bank’s global trade business on a single instance of the platform. Built uniquely for global, multi-bank, multi-currency, multi-time zone processing, the CGI Trade360 Global Transaction Platform is comprised of a back-office Transaction Processing System, Portal, middleware and scalable, world-class infrastructure. View summary
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CGI Trade360 - Overview
CGI Trade360® is a fully-integrated software as a service that starts with your customers in mind. The solution gives you the power to meet ever-evolving customer needs and deliver exceptional service with the most robust functionality and technology in the market. It significantly reduces total cost of ownership with all of the software, hardware and services needed to run a global trade business. View summary
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CGI Trade360 - Payables

CGI Trade360 Payables streamlines your customer’s complex payables processing by giving the buyer a single delivery method for all payables data, providing open account processing and matching services, managing Approved Payables Finance programs with suppliers, facilitating buyer-discounted early payments and aggregating payments across all programs.

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CGI Trade360 - Portal
CGI Trade360® Portal offers a common global platform that is configurable to meet local standards, while maintaining bank-wide prescribed standards of service, with a fully synchronized Portal delivering a robust and seamless customer experience. View summary
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CGI Trade360 - Receivables

CGI Trade360 Receivables supports a range of seller-centric solutions, including pre-export financing, receivables finance, and integrated receivables.

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CGI's Continuous Linked System (CLS) Manager

Learn how CLS Manager supports the control, reconciliation and automation of banks’ CLS business.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation begins from the outside in. It starts with understanding your customers and leads to fundamental changes within your organization that revolutionize the customer experience. Learn from our survey what financial consumers are demanding in the digital era and steps you can take in response.

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Enterprise Credit Solutions Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
SaaS allows organizations to transition from their current legacy systems to a multi-client, enterprise model with new web-based, customer-centric functionality.
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CGI’s FASTWIRE Open solution delivers the highest throughput of any financial messaging product on the market and can be tailored to meet the requirements of banks of all sizes.

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FATCA Compliance Services

CGI offers high-quality, end-to-end FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ) services designed to facilitate on time, on budget compliance, as well as provide the flexibility and scalability to meet evolving regulatory requirements. 

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Financial Consumer Demands for Tomorrow’s Digital Bank

CGI surveyed financial consumers across the U.S., Canada, four European countries (the UK, France, Germany and Sweden) and Australia to explore their banking preferences and views on future banking models. Read our survey findings and analysis, as well as our recommendations for building tomorrow’s digital bank. 

Financial Consumer Demands for Tomorrow’s Digital Bank 42 / 4 MB
HORIZON Delinquency Management
HORIZON™ Delinquency Management is a comprehensive collections management solution that supports automated delinquency identification, account updates, reporting and tracking of follow-up activities. It also features automated notifications, escalations and staff action lists for effectively managing collections follow-up activities. View summary
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HORIZON Financial Suite
Used by more than 120 financial institutions across Canada, CGI’s HORIZON™ Financial Suite offers a set of fully managed, integrated modules to streamline, automate and enhance your banking processes, including retail banking, customer relationship management, loan origination and collections. HORIZON Financial Suite supports small and mid-size financial institutions, both traditional and non-traditional. View summary
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HORIZON Know Your Customer
HORIZON™ Know Your Customer, uniquely designed to support the financial industry, is a robust retail banking CRM solution that supports sales opportunity management and reporting, customer service follow-up activities, automated campaign prompting, and profitability determination to enhance your customer knowledge and service. View summary
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HORIZON Loan Origination
HORIZON™ Loan Origination supports all consumer and small business lending needs for loans, lines of credit and mortgage lending. It includes dynamic borrower evaluation tools and fully integrated credit bureau, creditor insurance, and security registrations, as well as custom pre-populated lending documents for customer signature and retention. View summary
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HORIZON Retail Banking
Part of the HORIZON™ Financial Suite, HORIZON™ Retail Banking manages your end-to-end retail banking processes, from product design and management to account creation and maintenance to statement processing, general ledger management, reporting and more. View summary
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Identicate®, CGI’s real-time identity fraud and authentication solution, helps protect your entire organization from identity fraud and theft. 

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Liberty Financial Profile

LIBERTY FINANCIAL PROFILE is a desktop and mobile platform for collecting and analyzing a comprehensive and complete picture of customer financial data. It serves as an intuitive and easy to use account originator that optimizes time, resources, opportunities and revenues.

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Liberty Financial Profile 2 / 466 KB
Liberty Loan Origination

LIBERTY LOAN ORIGINATION is a desktop and mobile platform for quickly originating any type of consumer loan or mortgage, as well as credit protection insurance. It is an intuitive and integrated loan originator that optimizes the lending process, driving efficiencies, cost savings and profits.

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Liberty Loan Origination 2 / 465 KB
Liberty Online Banking

LIBERTY ONLINE BANKING is a flexible, multi-channel Internet banking application that streamlines and speeds up online banking processes for an optimal customer experience and enhanced operational performance and branding.

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Liberty Online Origination

LIBERTY ONLINE ORIGINATION is a consumer-facing online application for soliciting and initiating new member accounts. Easy to use, Liberty Origination enables consumers to open new accounts quickly online, with full account origination completed in the branch.

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Liberty Online Origination 2 / 471 KB
Liberty Origination

LIBERTY ORIGINATION is a desktop and mobile retail customer acquisition platform for originating and maintaining retail memberships. Liberty Origination is intuitive, user friendly and fast. Full account origination is possible within a matter of minutes.

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Predictive Analytics

CGI helps organizations analyze past behavior and predict the likelihood of future behavior.

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Protect the Bank

CGI’s Protect the Bank is a vision, framework and solution portfolio for fighting financial crime and managing risks in a holistic manner across the organization. It’s designed to help banks not only fight financial crime more effectively, but also for less cost. 

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RFS Retail Banking
RFS™ Retail Banking offers rich functionality to help you design and build your financial institution and manage cash dispensing, teller, online and call center banking activities. It can be integrated with CGI HORIZON™ customer relationship management, loan origination, collections and reporting functionality, as well as third-party solutions, enabling you to build a robust, custom solution to meet your unique business needs. View summary
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Strata Enterprise
A decision management solution that enables banks to make profitable and efficient decisions throughout the customer life cycle and across the enterprise View summary
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Wealth management solutions - Asset allocation
CGI's Wealth360 asset allocation solution is an essential tool to help advisors acquire and retain clientele while increasing their book of business. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Asset allocation 1 / 421 KB
Wealth management solutions - Investment funds - Fund accounting
CGI’s Wealth360 investment funds solutions deliver world class fund accounting capabilities, providing daily, weekly or monthly valuation features, along with a comprehensive validation engine. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Investment funds - Fund accounting 1 / 302 KB
Wealth management solutions - Investment funds solutions for fund manufactures and dealers
CGI’s Wealth360 investment funds solution is a complete package of investment fund order management and recordkeeping software for fund companies and is also designed to manage all aspects of a broker/dealer’s investment fund business.
Wealth management solutions - Investment funds solutions for fund manufactures and dealers 1 / 220 KB
Wealth management solutions - Management fees
CGI’s Wealth360 Portfolio Management solution includes a flexible Management Fee module providing firms with the ability to design their fee programs to suit the specific needs of their advisors and clients. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Management fees 1 / 374 KB
Wealth management solutions - Plan administration
CGI's Wealth360™ plan administration solution provides financial institutions with the capability to design and create a unique suite of products that can be delivered quickly and economically to any point of sale within a client’s organization. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Plan administration 1 / 246 KB
Wealth management solutions - Portfolio Management
CGI’s Wealth360 portfolio management solution provides sophisticated and comprehensive functionality to firms looking for an end-to-end solution to meet their front, middle and back office requirements. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Portfolio Management 1 / 489 KB
Wealth management solutions - Securities processing
CGI's Wealth360 securities processing solution provides large scale brokerage firms with a comprehensive set of features that delivers an industry proven, real-time brokerage processing platform. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Securities processing 1 / 194 KB
Wealth management solutions - Unified Managed Accounts
CGI’s Wealth360 portfolio management UMA (unified managed accounts) solution offers full, multi-currency, sleeve and account level processing and trading, and fully-integrated internal overlay management. View summary
Wealth management solutions - Unified Managed Accounts 1 / 301 KB
Web Promises
Enables organizations to put their collections activities on the web quickly and cost effectively, and to start collecting more money now—without adding additional staff or overhead. View summary
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