Production / generation

Optimize your production performance

New energy sources, technologies and ways of doing business are creating significant opportunities for expanding and optimizing energy production and generation. CGI works with utilities to identify and implement solutions that enable them to explore and take advantage of these opportunities, while boosting the efficiency and productivity of their current production systems and processes.

What we offer

CGI has a large portfolio of services and solutions that support the entire energy production lifecycle. This portfolio includes our own intellectual property, as well as solutions from our partnerships with world-leading vendors such as SAP.

One example is our Renewable Management System, which monitors and controls energy production for leading utilities such as EDP Renewables, one of the largest players in wind energy worldwide.

We also deliver end-to-end IT services, including business consulting, systems integration services, business process services and IT outsourcing services.

The value we deliver

CGI’s production and generation capabilities are delivering the following competitive advantages to clients worldwide:

  • Remote monitoring and control of production facilities
  • Faster reaction to failures, resulting in decreased downtime
  • Enhanced safety, reliability and security
  • Ability to capture, manage and transmit renewable energy to network grids
  • Maximized performance of renewable assets
  • Better compliance with new and evolving regulations
  • Reduced production costs

Why CGI?

With decades of experience in the utilities industry, CGI has an in-depth understanding of our clients’ challenges and a proven track record in delivering results. Our work in energy production includes our award-winning Renewables Management System (RMS) solution that controls more than 7,000 turbines on 600 wind farms in nine countries across the globe. CGI is also the key partner for the management of energy provider EDF's nuclear, hydro and carbon plants maintenance systems.