Optimized network utility

New ways of seeing network utilities

The utilities industry is facing a major transition in which almost everything is changing. New and far-ranging opportunities are emerging for those who can see them.

At the heart of the utilities industry are the transmission and distribution networks that link producers to consumers. To successfully manage the transition that is taking place, utility networks need to evolve their ways of seeing. Those that do will understand and respond positively to the far-reaching changes that are taking place across the entire physical and financial supply chains in their industry.

Taking a holistic view will enable utility networks to exploit market opportunities at a time of uncertainty. It will enable them to balance many different stakeholder expectations while having the flexibility to alter tactics as opportunities and circumstances change. And, it will enable them to achieve all of this while maintaining a clear strategy that will help them to achieve their long-term objectives.

We are calling organizations that embrace, exhibit and act on these attitudes optimized network utilities, or ONUs.

Based on CGI’s vision, an ONU operates based on three fundamental mindsets: 

  1. Embracing the bidirectional flow of energy and information and assuming a leading role in an interconnected ecosystem
  2. Progressively rolling out technologies with clear ROI while building knowledge and flexibility
  3. Exploiting 360º control and visibility by driving end-to-end business processes enabled by automation and the integration of operational and information technologies

Through these mindsets, ONUs capitalize on the changing industry paradigms to drive growth and competitive advantage in the new world of utilities.

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