Network operations

Secure, efficient and reliable networks

The opportunities for improving network operations are boundless with today’s technological advances. Innovative grid, meter and data technologies are empowering utilities to cut their operating costs, improve service quality and promote energy efficiency, as well as respond more effectively to evolving energy sources, market requirements and customer demands. Key to this transformation is the increasing convergence between operational and information technologies.

With decades of experience in working with major utilities across the globe, CGI delivers the business and technology know-how needed to build and run secure, efficient, reliable and flexible networks that drive long-term growth and success.

What we offer

CGI’s network operation offerings are increasingly focused on bringing together services and solutions from a range of associated areas, including the following:

  • Mobile workforce management: Managing the activities of the people who build and maintain your assets is as important as managing the assets themselves. We arm your workforce with valuable information and tools to increase their asset management proficiency and productivity, through for example our Mobile Workforce Management solution.
  • Smart meters and grids: CGI has been at the forefront of the smart meter revolution ever since it was just an idea. Today, smart meters are used around the world, but different economic and social circumstances, as well as different legal and regulatory requirements, mean there is no one-size-fits-all way to deliver the benefits of smart meter technology. CGI works with utilities to help them better understand and leverage this complex and fast-changing technology.
  • Real-time monitoring and control: We offer SCADA, DMS and OMS solutions that enable utilities to capture more data in real time and not only use it for network and outage control but also transform it into valuable business knowledge that drives performance across all their operations. We also provide systems to manage new requirements such as the integration of electric vehicle charging points into distribution networks.
  • Enterprise asset management: CGI’s wide range of EAM solutions covers maintenance, asset and resource management, as well as geospatial information systems and mobile workforce management. Collectively, they ensure that network assets are deployed and utilized in the most effective ways possible.

Via this comprehensive approach, we design, build and implement solutions that accurately and efficiently balance supply and demand, automate and streamline workflows, better manage workforces, quickly resolve outage and other network issues, and deliver superior customer service. We efficiently integrate these grid solutions with clients’ existing systems to provide truly optimised network operations.

We offer not only our own award-winning intellectual property, but also innovative solutions from our alliances with world-leading vendors. Our portfolio also includes business consulting, systems integration services, business proces services and IT outsourcing services.

The value we deliver

CGI’s network operation services and solutions are driving value for utilities around the world, including across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Through our work, clients achieve the following:

  • Increased network efficiencies, including process and energy efficiencies
  • Reduced network costs
  • Faster troubleshooting and problem resolution, including leakage reduction for water networks
  • Greater flexibility in responding to evolving market and business requirements
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced network security

Why CGI?

CGI’s network operations expertise and experience has led to a broad portfolio of offerings that cover most of the functional requirements of network operators. Highlights of our network operations capabilities and work include the following:

  • We developed a smart meter solution that is at the core of the InvoGrid project for EDP in Portugal, regarded as one of Europe’s most significant smart grid projects to date.
  • CGI’s involvement with other high-profile smart grid projects such as Low Carbon London (UK) has led to our recognition as a smart grid systems integrator worldwide.
  • Our PragmaLINE outage management system gets networks back up and running quickly after storm outages, while our PragmaCAD solution provides accurate and efficient mobile resource forecasting, scheduling, dispatching and communication, and is used by 40 clients.
  • Our smart data services for smart metering are deployed by a majority of UK electricity suppliers. .
  • Our ARM product suite is a market leader for U.S. distribution companies and is used by 40 clients.
  • We developed an innovative mobile workforce management system for Anglian Water in the UK.
  • CGI was appointed as Data Services Provider for the rollout of 53 million smart gas and electricity meters in the UK.
  • Our Optimized Network Utility (ONU) vision and framework lays out a transition path for network utilities, defining and evolving their roles in the transformation of energy markets.

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