Customer service

Driving profits through customer centricity

Leading utilities across the globe are transforming their customer service and billing operations to drive competitive advantage. Knowing customers, responding to their wants and needs, and providing superior service have become key priorities for market leaders, especially as the industry becomes increasingly competitive due to liberalization, deregulation, evolving technologies and other market forces.

CGI works with major utilities across the globe to implement innovative technologies that transform customer operations and relationships. We help utilities put customers first and, in turn, generate long-term profitable growth opportunities.

What we offer

With decades of customer management experience, CGI has built an expansive portfolio of customer-centric services and solutions that encompasses the following areas:

  • Complex billing
  • Payments
  • Data management
  • Energy monitoring
  • Supply and demand management, including energy efficiency
  • Customer relationship management
  • New product and service launch

This portfolio includes our own award-winning intellectual property, as well as innovative solutions from our alliances with world-leading vendors, including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. It also encompasses end-to-end IT services, including business consulting, systems integration services, business process services and IT outsourcing services.

The value we deliver

CGI’s customer-centric expertise, strategies and solutions deliver the following competitive advantages to our clients:

  • Greater business process efficiency, flexibility and control
  • Better management of credit risk, debt and cash flow
  • Improved forecasting of supply and demand
  • Increased customer insight
  • Launch of new products and services to meet customers’ real needs
  • Optimized pricing and billing
  • Decreased customer complaints and churn
  • Enhanced brand reputation and differentiation
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Reduced investment and operational costs

Why CGI?

CGI has a long track record of turning customer operations into strategic advantage. Our consultants are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to transforming how utilities relate to and serve their customers. Our experience includes work on large, complex and critical customer-centricity projects for major utilities around the world, and we consistently deliver the results our clients expect.

Highlights of our work and capabilities include the following:

  • Implemented major SAP customer care system projects for large utilities in Brazil, Portugal, Belgium and Germany
  • Provider of smart retail services that support the smart metering programs of eight utilities operating in the UK
  • Provider of award-winning, online energy monitoring tool for VaxjöEnergi AB (VEAB) and Kraftringen, major utilities in Sweden
  • Provider of a Central Energy Management System (CEMS) for smart grids that helps residents to make better choices with regard to their energy consumption, saving costs and limiting power grid imbalances
  • Provider of Business for Utilities Suite (BFUS), a modern, comprehensive CC&B/CIS solution that is being rolled out to almost 50 utilities in Sweden
  • Provider of next-generation Meter Data Management solution, which played a central role in the InvoGrid project for EDP in Portugal, regarded as one of Europe’s most significant smart grid projects to date

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