Digital Services in the U.S.

Advancing our clients’ digital transformation journeys

Digital technology is fundamentally changing how our clients achieve their mission and business objectives. As they must keep pace with rising customer and citizen expectations while managing cost pressures, many are asking: “How do I transition from my current legacy state into a far more digital enterprise?”

The pace of innovation in digital capabilities and interaction models are helping our clients move beyond IT modernization and truly embrace digital transformation to improve outcomes.

Digital transformation is not a one-time event, but a continuing evolution that requires developing and acquiring new behaviors and capabilities, sustained over time. The focus on becoming digital is underscored in the CGI Global 1000 outlook, drawn from in-person conversations with 1,000 senior government and commercial leaders. Based on these discussions, and our digital engagements around the globe, we see leading digital organizations demonstrating competencies in a number of key areas where we continue advance our capabilities: