Housing program management

Affordable housing management and consulting services

The affordable housing industry is comprised of a dynamic group of organizations focused on providing decent and safe housing for low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. With more than 4.8 million U.S. households receiving some form of housing assistance, fulfilling this mission is no small feat. Today’s environment of reduced federal funding and changing regulatory requirements adds further challenges.

Through management and consulting services combined with innovative technology, CGI helps federal, state and local housing agencies and property owners overcome these challenges and meet their goals and objectives. Our professionals have broad as well as in-depth knowledge and experience in assessing and administering affordable housing programs including:

  • Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Multifamily Section 8 Performance-Based Contract Administration (PBCA)
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program
  • Rental Assistance Demonstration
  • Low-Income Public Housing
  • Natural Disaster Assistance and Recovery Programs

Additionally, we have developed operations and management software specifically for the assisted housing industry, including all aspects of eligibility determination as well as initial and recertifications, online waiting list processes (applications, updates and selection), workflow management, voucher payment activities, and HQS and UPCS inspection field support.

Key services and solutions

Our business process services provide comprehensive program administration or targeted services for specific functions and tasks in the following areas:

  • Program administration with the capability to meet client needs regardless of size, scope and complexity. Examples range from administering the State of New York’s Hurricane Sandy Disaster Housing Assistance Program to PBCA of the Project-Based Section 8 Program. Our PBCA work covers more than 25% of HUD’s Section 8 project-based portfolio, which includes administering multifamily housing contracts, calculating rental subsidies and enforcing owner obligations. CGI pays over $2.7 billion annually in federal subsidies to owners on behalf of our clients. We are the recognized private partner leader within the industry, administering over 3,200 contracts and 275,000 housing units across the country. 
  • HQS and UPCS inspection services for HUD and numerous housing authorities, including conducting initial, annual and special inspections, and all associated re-inspections, in accordance with HUD regulations and guidelines. Services also include scheduling, automated call-ahead appointment reminders, call center customer service centers, owner/agent/tenant portal (24/7 access), inspection result notifications, daily importing of results into client’s site, and management of self-certifications.
  • Eligibility determination and recertification processing, including the Oakland Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program and New York tax credit properties. These targeted services involve document verification and review, income calculations and data input.
  • Call center administration, including start-up and implementation support for the New York CDBG-DR Hotline; project specific call center administration for the Chicago Housing Authority Waitlist Update (with 10,000 calls/month during the project period); and ongoing administration of PBCA customer services centers with annual call volume of over 100,000.

Our full-service, technology-based services include:

  • Industry-proven Operations Management Systems that allow today’s assistance service organization to run as a high-value business enterprise with robust automation and deep-level metrics to drive transparency and service improvement. CGI leverages the latest interactive technologies for active and passive data-triggered workflow management for Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-driven dashboard insight into the organization in real-time. Our on-premises and cloud-based platforms allow the convergence of efficient process, communication, and mobility across all levels of the organization to improve service to stakeholders.
  • CGI OnCue360, a mobility-enabled regulatory inspection and data collection offering that allows both smartphones and tablets to capture information in real time. Features include powerful notification, scheduling and routing modules ideally suited to performing a wide variety of inspections and reviews. Our inspection business process services also are available as part of this solution.
  • CGI Notify, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables an organization to manage interactive messaging via SMS phone or Text to Speech. This includes emergency notification scenarios for service disruptions, tenant and worker safety concerns, or any emergency disruption where quick, uniform and official communications need to happen in seconds.

Our expert consulting services help housing organizations and businesses operate more efficiently and attain the highest level of HUD-rated performance. Services include performance assessments and change management, and the implementation of processes and tools that allow for the delivery of superior customer service and the highest levels of compliance with federal regulations.

For more information, please contact BPServices@cgifederal.com.