Federal cybersecurity

Assess the risk. Protect the business. Operate with confidence.

Military, homeland security, critical infrastructure, law enforcement and civilian agencies face sophisticated, ever-evolving cyber-attacks against their facilities, networks, systems and data. Cybersecurity involves protecting that information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks, and ensuring business continuity. To help federal clients meet this critical challenge, CGI delivers robust federal cybersecurity solutions and services, including:

Security consulting

Providing risk assessment plans for improving security posture, policy and procedure development for internal and external threats, analytics, forensics, recovery and training. Learn more about security consulting.

Security engineering

Protecting data and infrastructure through security systems integration and implementation, solution architecture, design, development and deployment; and helping clients implement and operatesecurity systems and tools, including security information and event management, web content filtering and continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) to automatically assess and maintain our clients’security postures. Learn more about security engineering.

Managed security services

Helping clients manage their security needs, from compliance and audits to policies and architecture—without the high costs of ownership. CGI helps clients defend against malware, viruses, advanced persistent threat (APT) and other malicious hacking activities; our managed security services include 24/7 systems monitoring, real-time reporting and immediate action on suspicious activity, whether on government client premises or at CGI managed Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Services also can include staff augmentation and follow-the-sun, after hours coverage and shift augmentation. 

Cloud security

Providing robust cloud security capabilities as part of our CGI Unify360 offering, including cloud managed security services, continuous protection and accelerated threat response designed to support the highest-security levels, such as sensitive Department of Defense data and Personally Identifiable Information. Learn more about CGI Unify360.

Application security

Drawing on more than a decade of application security experience, providing design, test, remediation and deployment, including cryptographic key management for high-value business processes. Learn more about application security.

Identity and access management

Validating that only authorized users gain access to the right facilities, systems and data; services include specialized biometrics support for law enforcement, homeland security and military organizations. Learn more about IAM.

IT security product certification

Evaluating security products for compliance prior to use, our labs have evaluated many of the most renowned security products worldwide. Learn more about our U.S. lab.

Experience and expertise

CGI experts work in high-intensity engagements with U.S. military and intelligence nerve centers and high-profile multi-national defense programs, successfully defending U.S. government networks, critical infrastructure and corporate intellectual property. We customize business aligned solutions and services to protect your brand, assets, clients, data and trust relationships resulting in reduced risks, balanced investment and confidence.

Our federal cybersecurity practice also leverages investments in security innovation and expertise—such as our Cyber Global Innovations Lab—to accelerate new technology and tactics from research to test to operations. Our lab goes beyond “showcase” to include environments that can test new technologies and replicate threat scenarios in unclassified and classified environments, so clients can rapidly infuse research into operations.

We offer flexible solutions that balance capability and cost, allowing agencies to deploy our cybersecurity expertise in the model best suited to their needs.

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