Federal cloud security

Stringent cloud security measures from an experienced federal IT partner

As an awardee of GSA's BPA for Infrastructure as a Service, CGI is required to pass stringent National Agency Checks with Investigations according to HSPD-12 criteria, perform continuous monitoring, and provide data backup and restoration. We must also guarantee that our data centers are located in the U.S.

CGI's federal cloud provides Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance for Low and Moderate Impact systems (representing 88% of categorized agency systems). We also flex to meet more stringent specifications as needed.

Government cloud security features

Our federal cloud security services track, defend and report the security status of each client's computer resources. This includes output from the sentinel and defense systems resident in the hardened environment of our federal cloud.

Additional security features of CGI's federal cloud include:

  • Physical separation of software from commercial clouds
  • Clear data ownership and protection approaches
  • Superior controls and enterprise-class production environments that are pre-tested and certified
  • Reuse of authorizations established via  the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), which save time and money by eliminating the need for agencies to visit data centers and justify separate infrastructure accreditations

As a full-service cloud and security partner, CGI can also:

  • Help agencies address the security and risk management of their own applications to deploy
  • Assess and strengthen security strategies
  • Provide security governance, engineering and cybersecurity services
  • Deliver fully managed security services (e.g., program, configuration, incident and event management and business continuity services)

CGI actively leads and participates in industry-wide federal cloud security discussions. One of our expert executive consultants chairs TechAmerica's public sector task group providing industry input into FedRAMP.

Inherent security advantages of cloud technology

  • Automated security management
  • Greater redundancy
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Simplified security auditing
  • Shifting public data to an external cloud reduces risk of exposing internal data
  • Centralizing data allows skilled experts to ensure that all security measures are taken.