Federal data solutions

Harnessing data for  digital transformation

Data is being generated at an increasing rate. Agencies need to effectively harness this data and transform it into actionable intelligence that will help improve citizen services, achieve operational efficiencies and increase transparency.

CGI’s data solutions help federal organizations gain the full business value of big data and improve services and operational efficiency, increase transparency and make informed decisions with reliable outcomes.

CGI offers:

  • Data Advisory Services - Consulting services to help organizations better harness and organize data. Services include business needs assessment, data strategy roadmap, architecture planning and review, advanced integration and modeling techniques and comprehensive review and advice on security and governance.
  • Data Analytics Services - Business analytics services to extract maximum value from data. Services include analytics delivered through agile techniques, machine learning for predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) using deep learning, and large-scale data visualizations.
  • Digital Insights Studio - Robust and scalable platform to reliably deliver data insights, including rapid provisioning and automated deployment, comprehensive security and governance, industry blueprints and starter kits and cloud-ready technology.

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