Order orchestration

Accelerate time-to-market, improve order-to-cash cycles and reduce order fallout costs

Convergence in the telecommunications industry is omnipresent. It’s taking place across charging models creating pre- and post-paid convergence, and across fixed and mobile access, voice and data on IP networks, and services, creating convergence of voice, messaging, data access and entertainment products.

Creating and delivering convergent voice, data and entertainment services is a necessity for every communications service provider (CSP). To successfully compete, CSPs must excel in being efficient in defining, implementing, selling and delivering those services. However, with growing business complexity, many providers are plagued by inefficient order management processes. This creates delayed time to market for new services, increased order fallout, and potential fines and penalties for regulated services.

CGI’s powerful order orchestration (order management) solutions help CSPs successfully address these challenges though a wide array of services and solutions addressing product design and storage in convergent product catalogs, automated order capture, as well as convergent and fully automated order orchestration and provisioning.

Our services and solutions are based on either:

  • Our own patented Tapestry Order Orchestration solution; or
  • Software / process accelerators (pre-build components that speed up implementation, and reduce implementation risk/cost) together with well-established third party products of Oracle OSM, or Tibco AFF for end-to-end solutions including product catalog, offer configuration, and order orchestration, and of Tribold or Cameleon for solutions focused on product catalogues and order capture problems.

In either case, based on our proven project management framework and our track record of years of experience in complex end-to-end order product catalog and order capture- and orchestration projects, we deliver projects on time and to budget with a 95% success rate.

CGI provides the full range of consulting, specification, integration and application management services, using a mix of expertise from our central European near shore center and onshore experts in North America and Europe.

Through our order orchestration solutions and services, we help clients achieve the following:

  • Reduce order fallout
  • Optimize processes that deliver orders right the first time and avoid manual intervention
  • Reduce full-time employee costs for call centers, back offices and operations
  • Improve order-to-cash cycles as well as cash flow and revenues
  • Consolidate multi-channel ordering logic, resulting in lower maintenance costs, less complexity and greater agility
  • Achieve lower total cost of operation