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CGI Credit Management Conference

Connect with your peers and industry professionals at CGI’s Credit Management Conference.

CGI HotScan360

CGI HotScan360 is a comprehensive and versatile risk management platform that provides real-time fraud detection, payments filtering, know your customer and customer due diligence capabilities, along with anti-money laundering transaction monitoring.

CGI Open Finance

CGI Open Finance is a complete solution for open banking, enabling the integration of traditional banks and their product-centric applications with FinTechs through an innovative API and orchestration layer.

Modernizing the bank: A look at key strategies and technologies

Modernization affects all aspects of a bank, not just the bank’s IT management and spend. It changes a bank’s organization, customer interactions, culture, and products and services. Banks spend, on average, 7% of their revenue on IT, which is higher than most other sectors. Historically, no one has really questioned this amount, but it has come under increasing scrutiny. Does it represent value for the money? 

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