Combat identity fraud and theft across the enterprise

Identicate, CGI’s real-time identity fraud and authentication solution, enables you to instantly determine whether a customer transaction can be trusted. Blending seamlessly with your existing business processes, Identicate helps to protect your entire organization from identity fraud and theft. No matter how your customers interact with you, you can confirm the validity of every interaction.

The right data, the right answers

Identicate automatically verifies the identity of a customer by validating that the information supplied is authentic and also checks for possible errors or fraud.

This is done through the development of a multiple-choice quiz (we help you determine the type, number and sequence of questions) and through advanced analytics, which score and tag transactions that follow an ID theft pattern. The system interfaces with a wide range of internal and external data sources—from your customer information data files to credit bureaus and residential information.

Once the customer’s identity is confirmed, transactions proceed seamlessly, securely and instantly.

Integration with other CGI credit solutions

Part of CGI's complete credit solutions application suite, Identicate integrates with CGI Gateway360,a cloud-based platform for vendor, data and identity management.

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Identicate® is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.