CGI Advantage® Regulatory Management

Providing efficient, consolidated licensing solutions

Imagine being able to issue permits and licenses without paper-intensive processing and inconsistent data.

CGI Advantage Regulatory Management consolidates and automates the full permitting and licensing process for governments, enterprise-wide. Integrated with CGI Advantage ERP, CGI Advantage Regulatory Management streamlines the fee and billing process while providing a method to further ensure compliance.

The result is a centralized, enterprise-wide source of accurate regulatory and permitting information across disciplines and program offices for improved efficiency and enforcement, enabling outcome-driven planning and decision making.

Key benefits include:

  • Eliminate paper, labor-intensive processing, and manual data entry
  • Consolidate redundant and disparate permitting, licensing, and compliance systems
  • Assess compliance faster and with greater accuracy
  • Increase visibility into process, status, and workflow across divisions and program offices
  • Facilitate timely, accurate, and efficient billing and collections
  • Make informed decisions on payments to business entities registered as vendors using predictive analytics
  • Enable business-friendly regulatory processes with permit self-service available online
  • Increase permit processing efficiency by as much as 80%
  • Reduce submission error rates by over 50%
  • Support field-based staff through mobility applications.

CGI Advantage Regulatory Management helps consolidate and automate more than 300 types of licenses and permit processes covering a broad range of subject areas for both environmental and non-environmental agencies. Currently used by 100,000+ government workers to process hundreds of thousands of permits in 10 states, CGI Advantage Regulatory Management enables uniform work procedures and document formats through a common data framework and integrated processes.

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