Agile Cloud-Enabled Services (ACES)

The future of public sector ERP deployment

A growing number of state and local governments are turning to secure, cloud-enabled services for ERP software, platforms and infrastructure so they can stay focused on their mission and spend less time managing technology.

Factors influencing the migration to cloud-enabled ERP deployment are reflected in the priorities of CIOs at both the state and local levels. Based on these trends and more than 38 years of experience in public sector ERP, CGI believes the next wave in this evolution is the Agile Cloud-Enabled Services (ACES) ecosystem. This integrated ecosystem features flexible use of three delivery models:

  • Government-owned private cloud, where the government provides the infrastructure on which the software provider deploys and manages the solution.
  • Community cloud, where the software provider owns, operates and maintains the entire infrastructure and application “stack,” including the operating system and database, and is responsible for security, disaster recovery and backups.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), where the software provider owns, operates and maintains the entire infrastructure and application “stack” as in the community cloud, but deploys and manages a single instance of the software across multiple clients.

The compelling value of this ecosystem is the ability of government to choose among and move between these models, without having to make a singular decision for all ERP functions in the system. In other words, government will require the ability to deploy any ERP function in any of the three models, even when a function is part of an integrated solution suite.

In addition, the ability for a solution provider to offer multiple ERP deployment models requires that the software be designed at its core with all of these models in mind. Only CGI has evolved its ERP product strategy to support government’s future needs for deployment flexibility and provider accountability. We combine our purpose-built CGI Advantage® ERP software, secure cloud infrastructure and extensive implementation experience to deliver flexible, seamless solutions:

  • Our Managed Advantage services can be used on client premises or hosted in our secure community cloud.
  • Our CGI Advantage360® SaaS offering provides robust, “out of the box” ERP capabilities at a lower cost of ownership.

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