CGI Advantage360®

The future of ERP for local government

Local governments are seeking to improve efficiency and citizen services while reducing the capital investment and organizational challenges of modernizing and maintaining enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

With CGI Advantage ERP, the leading built-for-government solution, hundreds of states, counties and cities of various sizes have improved their operational efficiency, service quality and transparency. To bring these benefits to mid-sized local governments, we developed CGI Advantage360, a Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP solution that provides affordability and cost predictability.

CGI Advantage360 encompasses software, support, services and hosting delivered in a SaaS-based cloud offering, supplemented by value-added business process services to specifically address the needs of mid-sized local governments. This results-based offering balances client needs for price, flexibility and functionality in a solution that grows and evolves over time.

Benefits of CGI Advantage360 include: 

  • Delivers rich ERP capabilities proven for large governments at significantly lower cost
  • Promotes faster data entry, ease of use and quicker access to information with intuitive user experience and portal
  • Reduces operational costs using multi-tenant, cloud-based delivery that lowers the cost of computing resources
  • Provides rapid deployment using standardized, preconfigured data, reducing implementation time by at least 50% compared to traditional implementations
  • Includes regular updates to meet changing regulatory and business needs
  • Achieves long-term predictable spend and improved service levels, allowing clients to redirect valuable resources to other activities

CGI Advantage360 allows agencies to spend less effort getting their business support technology right and more on the delivery of services that maximize the performance of government. CGI has the people, expertise and commitment to deliver. Through our SaaS delivery model, governments benefit from the advanced capabilities built into the solution at a fraction of the cost.

For more information, contact CGI at or 1-800-321-0267.