Continuous monitoring for real-time risk management

With cyber-attacks increasing in both sophistication and frequency, continuous risk monitoring of IT hardware and software is a critical need. The market is moving to an automated approach to give organizations better visibility of their risks and vulnerabilities in real-time.

Too often, security-related data is siloed within organizations and not disseminated to the right people at the right time. CGI AssureIQ provides software and services in a single, centralized solution to improve security risk visibility into an organization’s IT environments.

AssureIQ links IT asset criticality, vulnerability management, configuration management, and remediation and mitigation strategies with the risks to the overall organization. It gives organizations the insight they need to make informed decisions about IT security risk management. AssureIQ enables users to:

  • Identify all assets on the network to know whether assets are authorized in compliance with organization requirements
  • Evaluate assets for weaknesses, vulnerabilities, authorization and compliance
  • Calculate a weighted risk score for each asset using data from multiple sources to identify the greatest potential risks to the environment
  • Understand security risks in near real-time using dashboards and analytics, and make informed decisions on how to manage risks to the network
  • Prioritize actions based on asset risk scores to focus remediation efforts on issues with the greatest return

AssureIQ provides a risk-based approach to operations using near real-time data, thus ensuring accountability, reduced cost and effective remediation activities.

In addition to AssureIQ, CGI delivers a wide range of cybersecurity solutions and services, including advanced analytics, computer network defense, identity management, cloud security and managed security services.