ACAPS Enterprise

Customer-focused, multi-channel loan originations

In today’s highly competitive credit environment, customers demand rapid decisions on credit applications. ACAPS Enterprise is a market-leading, enterprise loan originations system that delivers instant decisions through multiple channels.

ACAPS (Automated Credit Application Processing System) Enterprise provides the speed, control, flexible interface and technological edge you need to transform your loan originations process into a customer-focused, multi-channel and cost-efficient operation.

Key benefits include the following:

  • Customized consumer experience through the use of data from multiple sources and the incorporation of new tools and techniques to automate processes, such as campaign offers and credit decisions
  • Consistent responses to all credit requests, regardless of the customer’s preferred channel (i.e., branch, telephone, Internet, home banking, ATM, or personal representative)
  • Reduced application turnaround time by automating key processing steps, such as calculation of credit scores, request, retrieval, and interpretation of credit bureau reports, preparation of application logs and periodic status reports, and automatic tickler queuing of pending applications for management attention
  • Efficient portfolio growth by enabling more applications to be processed with current staff levels and the rapid introduction of new products
  • Interfaces to leading automotive valuation providers and direct access to dealer-submitted credit applications

ACAPS for Small Business Lending

ACAPS for Small Business Lending—a sub-system of ACAPS Enterprise—is targeted toward small business loan originations. New players in the finance sector are capturing greater market share by marketing and processing small business credit applications more effectively than traditional financial service providers. ACAPS Small Business Lending offers the customer-focused, multi-channel, and cost-saving capabilities finance organizations need to tilt the playing field back in their direction.

Integration with other CGI credit solutions

Part of CGI's complete credit solutions application suite, ACAPS Enterprise and ACAPS for Small Business Lending integrate with our BureauLink Enterprise credit bureau interface, CGI Gateway360 third-party service platform, and Strata Enterprise decision management solution.

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ACAPS® is a registered trademark of CGI Group Inc.