CGI - Solutions
Charge-Point Interactive Management SystemThis solution offers full-scale electric vehicle charge-point management capabilities delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) via our private cloud.
GO Airport Operations Suite
CGI’s GO Airport Operations Suite provides a comprehensive platform for optimizing airport operations management, enabling airports to drive performance and profitability.
Intelligent Cargo
CGI’s Intelligent Cargo solution supports companies in managing the logistical and administrative requirements for transporting goods, regardless of load size.
CGI’s MOSAIC is a powerful supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that satisfies a full range of requirements for data acquisition and control. MOSAIC combines a relational database model with industry-leading history capabilities to provide a flexible, secure SCADA environment.
Navici Trip Planner
CGI’s Navici® Trip Planner delivers accurate, up-to-date travel information based on a user’s geographic location.
Pro Logistica
CGI’s Pro Logistica is a retail solution for onboard sales in airline and railway services.
SIGMASIGMA is an award-winning system that provides railroad administrators an extensive geographic overview of tracks and their surroundings.
Strata Enterprise
This business rules engine is used by organizations worldwide to implement business rules and evaluate and measure customer treatment strategies.
Terminal Management System
CGI’s Terminal Management System supports the core business functions involved in dry bulk terminal management, providing complete oversight and control over terminal logistics and performing all administrative handling.