Sibos 2020 - Connecting virtually October 5-8
The challenges facing the banking industry at this time are intense and complicated. The world around us is becoming more connected—transcending cultures, languages and borders. Open banking, the move to real-time everything, and constantly evolving security threats are placing new demands on banks. On top of this, the impacts of Covid-19 are requiring banks to respond, rebound and reinvent in unprecedented ways. However, despite tough challenges, there also are exciting opportunities.
CGI partners with the world’s leading banks to support their most strategic and visible initiatives. We turn rapid change into measurable opportunity, working side-by-side with banks. Drawing upon our global capabilities, we deliver the strategies and solutions needed to meet their customers’ expectations.
Our banking experts will be on hand throughout Sibos to discuss any issues with you and explain the ways we are helping banks transform their businesses and achieve their strategic vision.
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Trade finance innovation and commercialization

CGI Trade360 delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bank’s global trade business.

Future-looking payment strategies and solutions

CGI provides a full range of services for every participant in the new payments world, from FinTechs, corporates and member banks to central market infrastructure providers and regulators.

Payment overlay services from CGI and Ordo

CGI and Ordo developed a new request-for-payment service that went live in March 2020 to provide non-direct debit customers with an alternative payment method.

Modern, integrated and flexible payment services that deliver payment management and business agility

Innovate for growth, keep up with regulatory mandates and invest in real-time payments.

CGI Open Finance: Our solution for PSD2, open banking and beyond

CGI Open Finance provides everything you need to operate an industrial strength, secure and resilient platform required for the new world of banking.

CGI HotScan360: Our holistic, intelligent AML and AFC solution for the enterprise

CGI HotScan360 delivers know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence capabilities, along with anti-money laundering transaction monitoring.

CGI All Payments: Business Case

Learn about the payments experience, expertise and solutions CGI offers to help you evolve your payments business for future success.

From Heritage to Hypernew: Exploring MX options for Correspondent Banks

Learn how to handle the migration from MT messages to ISO 200022 MX messages in high-value and cross-border payment markets.

2020 CGI Client Global Insights for Corporate and Transaction Banking

In 2020, we conducted in-person interviews with 70 client executives within corporate and transaction banking, who indicate a continued focus on protecting client information through cybersecurity.

Re-evaluating technology to embrace the new trade agenda

Operating in a pandemic environment has accelerated the digitization of banks, highlighting the need to review core processes and interoperability.

Digitization in a post-Covid-19 world

The economic consequences of the Covid-19 health crisis and ripple effects of badly disrupted supply chains will be felt in banking and global trade for years.

2020 Transaction Banking Survey

CGI is a proud sponsor of The Global Treasurer’s Transaction Banking Survey, which offers critical insight into the corporate-to-bank relationship.


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Central Bank Digital Currencies, Part 1

In part one of this two part video series, CGI’s Sean Devaney outlines what central bank digital currencies are, why we need them and what they could mean for the European Union.

Central Bank Digital Currencies, Part 2

In part 2 of this two part video series, Sean Devaney explains why retail access to central bank currencies is important, exploring both the wholesale and retail implications.

The Future of Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

CGI’s Russell Briggs provides insight on the future of RTGS, exploring how and why it will evolve beyond 2020.

CGI All Payments: A Leading Payment-as-a-Service Solution

CGI All Payments is an advanced payments architecture that is modular, deployment independent, and built on global industry standards.

Payments infrastructure innovation

This video showcases CGI’s four decades of experience in payments innovation and how our agile solutions enable clients to take advantage of future market shifts.

Communicating digitally with customers on multiple channels

In this video, CGI banking expert Andy Schmidt talks about transforming the banking value chain, the role of big tech retailers and protecting customer-facing channels.

CGI Trade360: Taking your global trade business to the next level

CGI Trade360, a global SaaS solution, pairs robust functionality with a suite of over 50 trade products, enabling banks to deliver a broad range of supply chain finance and traditional trade services tailored to clients’ needs.





Richard Holmes


Richard Holmes
Vice President, Cybersecurity, UK

Richard leads cybersecurity services for CGI in the UK. His team provides a balanced portfolio of services across a broad range of sectors, including defense and intelligence, energy and utilities, and other commercial sectors. The team delivers major transformational programs, consultation services, and a wide range of operational security managed services. Previously, Richard was responsible for the development of significant elements of CGI’s cyber business in the UK national security sector. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development and provision of secure IT systems and capabilities.

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Charlotta Wark


Charlotta Wark
Vice President, Head of Financial Services, Scandinavia

Vice President Charlotta Wark is head of banking for CGI’s operations in Scandinavia. With roots in business consulting and a career path that includes leadership roles such as chief marketing officer for international IT companies, Charlotta has extensive experience with problem solving and business development, particularly in terms of driving innovation. Charlotta is passionate about new development and rarely misses an opportunity to discuss how new technology is affecting our society—short- and long term.

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Atso Andersén


Atso Andersén
Lead Consultant, Regulatory Compliance and Risks

Atso has worked in finance, research and development since 1997. During his career, he was involved with a number of regulatory initiatives such as MIFID I and II, AML, and MAR, etc. Atso has written books about investment services, MIFID II and practical implementation of AML regulation. He also has significant experience working on reporting and risk management, business transformation, regulatory change, research, and banking projects.

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Manoj Mishra


Manoj Mishra
Vice President, Banking, U.S.

Manoj is a client engagement executive and a leader with deep finance experience and a proven record of helping clients navigate the evolving digital space. He has nearly 20 years of experience within the financial services domain with specialized expertise in corporate and transaction banking, treasury management, payments, enterprise functions, innovation, lean startup, digital transformation, customer experience, APIs, blockchain and business application of emerging technologies. He also is a leading API expert, working with banks and FinTechs to help them unleash the power of APIs.

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Sean Devaney


Sean Devaney
Vice President, Strategy

Sean is Director of Strategy for Banking and Financial Markets at CGI, specializing in the Payments domain with significant exposure to regulatory change, payments strategy and the outsourcing industry. His experience ranges from the design of outsourced cheque processing operations for iPSL, to a lead role in the development of the UK’s Faster Payments Service and Current Account Switching Service, as well as having responsibility for development of CGI’s Banking and Financial Markets strategy across digitization, payments, bank operations and risk and regulation.

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Russell Briggs


Russell Briggs
Vice President, Strategic Business Development

Russell Briggs leads strategic business development within CGI’s UK Banking and Financial Services practice. He is a senior technology business leader and CIO adviser with 24 years of diverse experience. With a passion for driving customer success, employee engagement and shareholder results, Russell specializes in change management and digital transformation to deliver differentiated services and business outcomes. He has successfully executed large enterprise transformations for teams of 600 to 3,000+ global technology professionals.

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Rory Kaplan


Rory Kaplan
Director and Senior Offering Manager, Trade and Supply Chain Solutions

Rory manages CGI teams responsible for delivering the CGI Trade360 SaaS platform. He oversees CGI Trade360 initiatives related to strategy development, innovation, alliances, marketing/media and sales support. Rory is an active participant in trade industry groups and conferences, and leads CGI Trade360 client advisory working groups focused on strategic solution enhancements, as well as intelligent process automation and distributed ledger technology solutions.

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Karen Brown


Karen Brown
Director, Global Payments Products

Karen serves as Director and Global Payments Product Lead, overseeing CGI payment solutions, including marketing and implementation. Karen joined CGI as part of the acquisition of Logica and, prior to this, worked in the UK banking sector. She has more than 28 years of experience in payments product strategy and marketing, along with significant expertise in implementing payment solutions for banks.

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Robert Book

ISO 20022

Robert Book
Banking & Payment Solutions

Robert has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services area. He leverages the latest developments in business models, processes, technologies and customer behaviours to simplify and enhance payments. Robert has extensive experience in business development and innovation and holds a master’s degree in computer science and engineering.

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