Using analytics to optimize renewable assets at green energy producer Generg - SEI webinar

Global webinar: Generg shows how RMS analytics optimize performance

In this time of crisis, find out from the safety of your home how Generg uses RMS to improve wind turbine performance and how RMS supports new ways of working


On Thursday 23rd April (13:00 GMT), Smart Energy International will host a global webinar featuring experts from Generg and CGI who will discuss the value of using advanced analytics in renewables management.

The Generg Group has been building and operating renewable power plants (including wind, solar and hydroelectric) in Portugal for more than three decades, and is now expanding across Europe. CGI is partnering with Generg to deliver increased production, while also supporting new ways of working during the current COVID-19 crisis.

In this webinar, you will learn how Generg uses the advanced analytics of RMS to ensure their wind turbines perform to their full potential, while guaranteeing availability and efficiency contract targets. The webinar will focus on three strands of performance analysis used by Generg:

  • Downtime Allocation
  • Power Curve Analysis
  • Real-time curtailment detection

You will also have the opportunity to put your questions to our presenters, so don’t miss this chance to connect!

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Knowledge is power

Want a global overview of asset performance? The RMS Performance Summary dashboard enables a full scope analysis of power plants and assets, from wind to solar.

This dashboard allows you to analyze historical data and trends across different geographies and renewable technologies on a month-to-date basis.

By enabling you to drill down from a view of the whole portfolio to the power plant or generator/inverter level, this dashboard offers a range of useful data presented in meaningful ways, such as KPI tables or trends showing the evolution of production, availability and efficiency.

It displays charts comparing key plant indicators and budgets, allowing you to understand whether the level of energy actually produced matches what was expected. You can set up early detection of these production deviations via the notification center, giving you the opportunity to take timely action to minimize production losses.

For wind power plants, the power curve chart exposes the worst performing generators, and further analysis reveals any deviations from the expected asset performance. For solar photovoltaic power plants, the Performance Summary dashboard features a waterfall chart that accounts for major production losses such as resource, downtime or performance.

A key advantage of the dashboard is the ease of customization: it can be adapted to display other KPIs and analyses, and use different chart formats, to fully address your company’s requirements.

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Next time…

In the next edition of this newsletter, we will share more of the features and benefits of our RMS Predict module, explaining how our Health Monitor tool uses machine learning algorithms to evaluate the reliability of turbine components. Don’t miss it!

Introducing CGI OpenGrid360

Unlocking data insight for the future grid

In January, we launched our new CGI OpenGrid360 solution suite to empower utility network owners and operators to address the demands of the decarbonized, decentralized and digitized energy market.

Founded on an advanced data management and integration model, this innovative offering improves data insight and accelerates utilities' efforts to transform their power grids, optimize operations, improve customer and workforce experiences, and create new revenue opportunities.

It features modules for asset, network and mobile workforce management, as well as solutions for advanced smart grids and renewable energy operations.

RMS is included as part of this solution suite to maximize synergies with other OpenGrid services and modules. Within this context, RMS will be known as CGI OpenGrid Renewables. Both the old and the new name will be used in parallel for the foreseeable future, but don’t worry – the solution itself will remain exactly the same.

Another business application in the new solution suite that may be of interest to you is CGI OpenGrid Energy Control. This application builds upon our capability to monitor and operate smart meters as well as renewable generation assets. It supports real-time, two-way communication with control devices or smart sensors to monitor and control flexible energy resources. These include renewable micro-generation assets, energy storage, behind-the-meter electric devices, electric vehicles and heat pumps. The application will help electricity distribution companies support active prosumers, renewable micro-generation and electric vehicle charging, while maintaining a reliable and balanced network.

Contact us to know more.

Recap from DistribuTECH, January 2020

In January, we were at DistribuTECH 2020 in Texas, where we were pleased to launched our CGI OpenGrid360 solution suite (see related article) and discuss with clients and partners the challenges accompanying the electrification of our daily lives, and the path towards renewable micro-generation.

If you would like to learn how CGI OpenGrid360 and CGI OpenGrid Energy Control can play an important role in maintaining a reliable and balanced network, please get in touch.

About RMS
One of CGI’s mission-critical IP solutions for the utilities industry, RMS is a complete suite for real-time monitoring, control and maintenance of different renewable power plant sources, including wind, solar and hydro power, and analytics for superior management of operational performance. Read more here.

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