EuroShop Trade Fair 2017

Join us for a CGI client event during EuroShop 2017

With 120,000 sq. mts of exhibition space and 2,500 exhibitors from approximately 60 countries, EuroShop Trade Fair 2017 offers an unmatched platform for decision-makers in the retail and consumer services industry to learn and share information on the current trends, innovations and technologies that are shaping the industry.

On the occasion of the trade fair, CGI is hosting a retail and consumer services client event on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event offers a great opportunity to network with your peers, CGI experts and CGI partners in the retail and consumer services industry from around world. Key topics of the event include:

  • Digitally transforming to become a customer-centric organization
  • Getting the most from data to achieve a high ROI
  • Protecting your organization from rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats
  • The next big trends in ecommerce

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Subject matter expert: Craig Wallace, Vice-President, Global Lead Digital Transformation

Digitalization is having a huge impact on all organizations. Competition from new players and the proliferation of new business models is disrupting the status quo. Those investing in digital transformation are moving ahead, implementing more efficient processes, launching new products and services, and enhancing the customer, citizen and employee experience. Through CGI’s enterprise digital transformation capabilities and digital industry expertise, CGI helps clients embark on their digital transformation journeys and succeed in becoming customer-centric digital organizations.

Explore how we can help you to become a customer-centric digital organization.

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Craig Wallace

Subject matter expert: Gianni Rino, Global Retail and Consumer Services Lead

Improving the customer experience continues to be the driving force in retail, enabling growth, loyalty and retention. More streamlined omni-channel integration is also becoming increasingly important. CGI has a track record in advanced integrated mobility and digital solutions that deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Explore how we can help you to achieve your digital transformation goals and provide a seamless omni-channel experience.

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Subject matter expert: Mark Oliver Schuller, Director, Consulting Services - Digital Commerce

Omni-channel shopping is the new normal. With countless buying options, today’s connected consumers have more power than ever before. They want to switch seamlessly between touchpoints and expect retail brands to remember their previous customer experience, regardless of whether the interaction was in-store or online through their desktops or mobile devices. This has made personalization key to enhancing the customer experience. Comprehensive omni-channel eCommerce solutions are at the heart of digital-first strategies and provide the backbone for facilitating a superior customer experience across the various touchpoints that consumers use today.

Explore how we can help you to achieve your omni-channel eCommerce strategy and enable your digital transformation.

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Protecting the customer relationship is a top priority for most retailers. Nevertheless, in today’s world, data breaches can easily and significantly impact consumer trust in any brand. The rapid spread of new technologies like mobility, the Internet of Things, social media and cloud have generated new and more sophisticated cyber threats.

Protecting against data breaches is key—not only to avoid customer loss, but also negative publicity, loss of shareholder value and reduced profits.

At CGI, we believe that analyzing the risks and creating a systematic methodology for addressing them are fundamental to business success.

Understand the specific cybersecurity challenges that retail and consumer organizations face today and learn how to best protect your organization and customers from cyber threats.

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