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Leveraging social media to strengthen loyalty and increase sales   

Social media is delivering on its promises. It is not only a reality for nearly every consumer today, but a key influencer of consumer loyalty and opinions. For business-to-consumer organizations, social media also has become a key channel for building brand equity.

New buying patterns are emerging as a result of social media. Although few consumers purchase directly through social media, more and more are using it to stay informed of special prices and promotions. For retail and consumer services organizations, leveraging this fast evolving channel is key to staying ahead of the competition.

CGI helps retail and consumer services organizations reap the benefits of social media and strengthen their vision and expertise around this fast evolving channel. We help our clients make social media an integral component of their client engagement strategy, better understand their customers’ buying patterns and expectations, and explore emerging ways of leveraging social media.

CGI social media offerings

Our social media experts work closely with retail and consumer services organizations to develop social media strategies and solutions that drive competitive advantage, customer loyalty and sales. Our social media offerings include the following: