Retail and consumer services - Cybersecurity

Protect your customers, brand equity and financial results from cyber crime

Protecting the customer relationship is a top priority for most retailers. But, in today’s world, data breaches can easily and significantly impact consumer trust in any brand. The rapid spread of new technologies, such as mobility, the Internet of Things, social media and cloud, have created an environment for increasingly new and sophisticated cyber threats. Protecting against data breaches is key not only to avoiding customer loss, but also negative publicity, the loss of shareholder value and reduced profits.

CGI helps retail and consumer services organizations optimize risk reduction by assessing risks and developing and implementing a systematic methodology that protects their business and enables them to operate with confidence.

CGI cybersecurity offerings

CGI delivers a wide range of cybersecurity services and solutions to leading retail and consumer services organizations worldwide, including the following:

Our experience and expertise

  • 40 years of experience across the government and commercial sectors as a trusted security advisor
  • Six Security Operations Centers globally and two cybersecurity centers
  • 9,000 biometrics solutions deployed and supported by CGI
  • 55 million cyber attacks a month—on commercial, government, and military networks and infrastructure—safeguarded by CGI