Retail and consumer services - Customer experience management

Increasing visibility and delivering real-time information

Digital and mobile technologies have enabled new customer behaviors and buying patterns, while opening the door for new entrants to compete in retail and consumer services markets. As a result, customer expectations have dramatically increased across all existing channels, while social media has become a key step in the buying cycle and a powerful influencer of consumer opinion.  

Customer expectations for a personal, real-time and seamless customer experience are potentially making existing customer engagement strategies more fragile, but also creating opportunities to drive competitive differentiation and strengthen loyalty. However, delivering a unique and seamless customer experience across all channels has never been a bigger challenge, both from a business and technology perspective.

CGI helps retail and consumer services organizations streamline operations to deliver a better customer experience. We work with clients across their value chain to help them differentiate and build brand loyalty through value-added interactions across all channels. We help clients enhance supply chains, speed up time to market, drive innovation, leverage data to develop new products and services, connect mobile workforces, and capture and share in-store data with retailers.

CGI customer experience management offerings

We deliver a wide range of services and solutions to help our clients better manage and enhance the customer experience, including the following:

Our experience and expertise

  • 800+ customer experience management experts across 3 main centers of excellence in Canada, France and Germany, delivering globally
  • Delivery of integration services for both the physical and digital worlds, creating “phygital” customer experiences using a wide range of technologies, including mobile, the Internet of Things, cloud, beacons,  MPOS/clientelling and wearables
  • Delivery of real-time insight into customer behaviours through the latest technologies, such as predictive analytics