Ratabase Product Suite

Ratabase is a suite of components designed to help carriers improve their rating logic, rules, and underwriting accuracy.  Each of the components is included in the Ratabase portfolio and they’re all licensed together as part of the implementation project.

Product Suite
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Ratabase Product Builder

Product Builder

Product Builder: A complete suite of powerful tools

The Product Builder gives the businessperson within your organization all the powerful tools they need to efficiently build a rating repository. This simplistic, flexible relational database features three levels for organizing the business logic — legal entity (company), line of business, and region (state). In line with the definition of any relational database, you are allowed one to many elements at each level and with Ratabase’s one of a kind “true-sharing” data model you are allowed to build rate or rule objects once and share them across any level within the database (company, line of business, or state). This allows you to streamline development, testing, and maintenance thus improving quality, increasing speed to market, and reducing cost.

Data Distributor

Data Distributor: Build once — distribute anywhere

The Data Distributor is the core functional component that brings the power of the Ratabase solution to life. Instantly bring tremendous value to your bottom line by being able to build your insurance products one time and deploy them to different applications, on different platforms, with differing technologies and databases. By harnessing the power of the Data Distributor, the same rates and rules can be distributed to a policy administration solution on a mainframe, a Web quoting application on a UNIX® server, and a Windows rate modeling workstation all at once.


Calculator: Complete interoperability

The Calculator, a callable module, is easily accessed from any end-user application on any platform via the Ratabase adapter. This adapter maps captured front-end application input data into the Calculator data structures and indicates which formulas and rates are needed to rate the policy. Once called, the Calculator retrieves the necessary rates and rules from the production Ratabase database and instantaneously performs the calculations based on the logic it retrieves from the database. The Calculator will return any number of aggregated premiums or interim calculation values to the adapter which then passes these output values back to the calling end-user application.

Output Designer

Output Designer: Simple creation of rate pages

Output Designer is installed and accessed through the Excel menus and toolbars. The flexibility of this component combined with the powerful editing features of Excel allows you to utilize the Rate Page Wizard to assist you in formatting an output page or you can free-form design your output pages to your company’s specifications. Your newly created output pages will automatically extract valuable information from your Ratabase database and can be printed as a traditional output page in Excel format, exported to make an HTML page, or formatted for emailing as an attachment.

Data Validator

Data Validator: Providing data examination and verification

Eliminating the need to maintain information in more than one place, Data Validator allows access to your production Ratabase rating information prior to the actual process of rating. Front-end applications can now have access to your production Ratabase database to verify the accuracy of input rating data as well as provides consistency in drop-down selection lists. By implementing Data Validator you not only reduce the maintenance of data element synchronicity but also eliminate errors in the rating process by validating the existence of key table values and formulas prior to rating.