Analyst Recognition

CGI’s Ratabase recently won an unprecedented three XCelent awards from research and consulting firm, Celent.  The awards are based on Celent’s 2016 review and ranking of rating engines titled, North American Ratings Engines: 2016 Property & Casualty ABCD Vendor View published August 30, 2016.  It is rare for a vendor to receive an XCelent award and even rarer for one to win multiple awards.

Celent made its XCelent awards in four categories and Ratabase received an award in the following three categories:

  • The Breadth of Functionality award measures features and functionality of the application and takes into account customer experience and usability.
  • The Customer Base award measures the number and size of financial institutions using the product.
  • The Depth of Service award measures responsiveness to customers including roadmap input, references, support and training services, GUI and customization capabilities, and implementation skills.

CGI Ratabase is a well-established product with capabilities to assist insurance carriers transform their legacy solutions to meet the dynamic rating and pricing requirements of a digital insurer.  We’re proud of this achievement and the awards demonstrate our commitment to providing clients with the best rating engine in the industry.