PAC Study 2017

Harnessing Innovation in European Insurance

What are the key trends, challenges and opportunities facing insurers in Europe and how are they using innovation to move their businesses forward? A new study, “Harnessing Innovation in European Insurance,” conducted by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) and sponsored by CGI, explores the dynamics of the current insurance market in Europe, including the urgency to digitalize, and how leaders are strategically responding through technology and innovation.

PAC, a leading independent European IT research and consulting firm, interviewed 200 senior CXO-level business and technology decision-makers at 200 large European insurance carriers. Those interviewed are responsible for driving innovation strategies across their organizations and shared insight on what their organizations are doing to better harness innovation both internally and externally.

The study covers the interview findings in depth and also highlights recent examples of innovation projects undertaken by carriers.

Download a free copy of the report to better understand the progress European carriers are making on the innovation front and how your own organization compares. We also invite you to contact us for further discussion.

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