Hydrocarbon accounting

Accurate, timely and transparent accounting

The business of every operator and participant in the upstream exploration and production life cycle is different—business rules vary not only from company to company but also from facility to facility. In addition, upstream companies face constant and complex business changes resulting from the discovery of new fields and wells, decommissioning, the addition of new facilities, joint ventures, new regulations, etc. These challenges demand a high-performance hydrocarbon accounting function that can handle the complexity and effectively manage finances across upstream operations.

CGI delivers hydrocarbon accounting services and solutions that ensure accurate, timely and transparent accounting, enabling operators to make smart commercial decisions, fulfill the requirements of industry regulators, satisfy joint venture partners, and more.

What we offer

Our portfolio of hydrocarbon accounting solutions includes products from world-leading vendors, as well as our own intellectual property such as our PRODIS suite, a commercial hydrocarbon management system that includes a robust hydrocarbon accounting component, and our Exploration2Revenue suite, an integrated portfolio of solutions and services designed for managing the upstream back office.

We also provide supporting IT services, including business consulting, systems integration services, business process services, and IT outsourcing services.

The value we deliver

When you consider that even relatively minor errors and delays can ultimately add up to significant financial distortion, with the potential for millions to be removed from your account sheet, the importance of hydrocarbon accounting becomes all the more evident. CGI’s experts work with upstream companies to ensure accurate and timely hydrocarbon accounting that delivers the following competitive advantages:

  • Simplified, automated, real-time accounting processes and workflows that drive efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Integrated, accurate, real-time data management, creating a holistic view of operations and enabling faster, better decision making
  • Improved transparency, auditing and reporting
  • Improved regulatory and contractual compliance
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability in responding to business change
  • Reduced errors and delays throughout the hydrocarbon accounting life cycle

Why CGI?

CGI has more than two decades of global hydrocarbon accounting experience and a large pool of hydrocarbon accounting experts who work with major upstream companies across the globe. We help improve every stage of the hydrocarbon accounting life cycle—from contractual requirements analysis and program development to deployment and ongoing management—providing a one-stop-shop for clients and eliminating the need for multiple solutions and vendors.

To continually strengthen and expand our expertise, portfolio, and alliances with industry-leading vendors, we operate a hydrocarbon accounting center of excellence that serves an international forum for driving innovation in the areas of knowledge sharing, collaboration, consulting, delivery and training. This investment in ongoing development ensures we continue to offer and deliver best-in-class hydrocarbon accounting solutions.