Energy trading and risk management

Maximize trading, minimize risk

Upstream companies trade with each other regularly and must manage multi-currency, multi-commodity, multi-geography transactions. To maximize trading and minimize risk, they need robust, feature-rich energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems that cover the end-to-end trading life cycle, simplify complex processes, increase efficiencies and drive profitability.

A pioneer in energy trading, CGI began developing ETRM innovations following the deregulation of the gas and power industry in the 1990s. Our systems have been a part of the regulatory transformation of energy markets around the globe, including in the UK, the Czech Republic, Australia, the Netherlands and the United States.

We understand the requirements, processes and challenges of ETRM and have developed a wide range of IT services and solutions to transform our clients’ ETRM operations.

What we offer

Our experts design, build and implement systems that manage every aspect of ETRM, from front- and back-office functions to physical settlement and logistics. These systems also support energy exchanges that manage gas, power and other hydrocarbon commodities.

Our ETRM services and solutions include the following:

  • Trading and risk architecture assessment and design
  • Risk and compliance technology consulting
  • Custom development and third-party application package assessment and deployment
  • Settlement and logistics technology consulting and system deployment
  • ETRM applications management and support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Commodities, including crude, gas, LNG, power and emissions

The value we deliver

Major upstream companies across the globe rely on CGI’s ETRM expertise and solutions to achieve the following competitive advantages:

  • Comprehensive services and expertise, eliminating the need for spending on brokerages and third parties
  • Increased operational standardization and efficiency
  • Faster time to market
  • Cost optimization
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance and security
  • Reduced errors and risks

Why CGI?

CGI’s expertise spans the complete ETRM service spectrum—from requirements definition and product selection to design, development and implementation, to change management and support. A unique aspect of our ETRM expertise is that it extends past trading into transportation and distribution. We are highly competent in the post-trade logistics of moving cargo around the world, giving us a big picture view of the full life cycle of trade transactions.

As part of our large ERTM practice, we actively engage with other enterprise system providers and have extensive experience in implementing solutions from OpenLink, SunGard and Allegro.

CGI has successfully completed more than 40 large ERTM projects since 2000, and our clientele includes top integrated oil and gas, national oil, natural gas pipeline and power companies, as well as investment banks and corporations involved with commodity hedging.