Regulatory compliance

Minimizing risks, saving costs through better compliance

One of the biggest challenges facing oil and gas companies is complying with the ever-increasing, ever-evolving regulations governing every aspect of their business. The complexity and cost of compliance can consume significant resources, and the failure to comply presents huge risks, including damaged reputations, large fines, decreased shareholder confidence and even business failure. Leading companies are looking for ways to not only reduce their risks and costs, but to turn regulatory compliance into competitive advantage.

With decades of oil and gas experience, CGI understands the regulatory environment, within which our clients operate, as well as their unique compliance challenges and requirements. Improving regulatory compliance in the areas of finance, safety and security is a critical component of the work we do in improving the overall operations of our clients through advanced technology.

What we offer

Embedded within every solution CGI delivers to oil and gas companies are robust regulatory compliance features that ensure complete, timely and consistent compliance with new and evolving regulations.

Examples include:

Each solution includes sophisticated compliance, record-keeping, reporting and auditing capabilities for partners, beneficiaries, attorneys, accountants, advisors and other parties involved with regulatory compliance.

The value we deliver

  • Streamlined, automated compliance processes and workflows
  • Increased regulatory data integrity, transparency and access
  • Complete, accurate, timely reporting
  • Comprehensive audit support
  • Significant compliance cost savings
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Increased sustainability
  • Enhanced brand reputation and shareholder confidence

Why CGI?

Through CGI, oil and gas companies gain access to experts dedicated to understanding and keeping up to date with evolving regulations at the global, country, state/province and local level. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of regulatory bodies, policies, requirements, processes and technologies and proven experience in transforming our clients’ compliance operations to drive efficiencies and cost savings while reducing risks. We recommend and implement the right processes and solutions to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance success.