Mergers, acquisitions and divestments

Successful execution, expected results

The oil and gas industry is characterized by ongoing mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Whether these deals involve a few million dollars and a dozen employees or billions of dollars and hundreds of employees across multiple countries, they can determine a company’s fate.

IT can make or break the success of merger, acquisition or divestment. If not handled properly from the start, IT problems can delay a deal or lead to spiraling costs. IT is also part of changing how people work as a result of the deal.

To be successful, companies need an IT partner with deep industry expertise and proven experience in managing mergers, acquisitions and divestments from start to finish with expected results. CGI is such a partner, working with oil and gas companies across the globe to execute these deals carefully, cost-effectively and profitably.

What we offer

CGI helps buyers and sellers around the world meet their merger, acquisition and divestment objectives using our services, solutions and skills in the following areas:

  • Change and project management
  • Business consultancy
  • ERP management and delivery
  • Testing
  • Cash management
  • Outsourcing

Collaborating closely with clients, we design and architect the right technology solution and then perform the systems development and integration work. We follow rigorous project management and reporting practices that ensure the client is always in control. We also develop pre-, intermittent- and post-transition strategies so that all employees understand and appreciate the changes that will occur. Once the transition is complete, we manage the new IT environment.

CGI’s proven accelerators help clients meet requirements quickly for the maximum return on investment. These include the following:

  • Dealsimulator, which provides delivery, managed risk, and fully engaged business user scenarios
  • Business intelligence engineering framework for rigorous production of simulator output
  • Blended delivery factory for industrialized capability on a global scale
  • Planning and estimation tools refined throughout more than 500 large change management engagements

The value we deliver

CGI ensures that IT is aligned and effectively delivered in every merger, acquisition and divestment deal to ensure our clients’ strategic goals are achieved. Our work is delivering the following competitive advantages to major oil and gas companies across the globe:

  • Fast, effective systems, process and data transition
  • New ways of operating that satisfy all parties
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Minimized risks
  • Cost savings
  • High service levels
  • Limited downtime
  • High levels of employee engagement and acceptance

Why CGI?

We’ve worked on merger, acquisition and divestment deals of every size in the oil and gas industry—from multi-million to multi-billion dollar deals—and in single markets as well as across entire continents. We identify the challenges and risks of every deal early on and employ accelerated analysis methodologies and tools to address them. We also prove and test our solutions early on reduce risks and to accommodate new or changing requirements.

Our development tools are proven to increase productivity up to 40 percent. In addition, our platforms eliminate the need for upfront spend on hardware, as well as the cost of managing new environments.

Whatever the scope of a deal, we are committed to the details and to its long-term success. We deliver the experience, methodologies, resources, infrastructure and solutions for merger, acquisition and divestment success.