Health, safety and environment

Helping clients address the full range of sustainability and compliance challenges

The nature of oil and gas products and the potentially dangerous locations in which they’re found require oil and gas companies to give top priority to health, safety and environmental issues and concerns. A key factor in minimizing health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks and preventing accidents is the ability to share information across operations and respond quickly and effectively to incidents. It’s also important to keep track of your workforce and ensure they’re properly trained to handle emergencies.

With decades of oil and gas industry experience, CGI understands the industry’s HSE challenges and designs, develops and implements HSE solutions for major oil and gas companies across the globe. Information sharing and collaboration are at the core of our solutions. Through collaborative technology, we help clients capture, report and monitor HSE-related activities, satisfy compliance requirements, keep track of field staff, and maintain a sustainable work environment—across all operations.

What we offer

CGI’s HSE services and solutions for the oil and gas industry encompass our own intellectual property, as well as third-party HSE systems. These solutions are supported by our end-to-end services, including business consulting, systems integration services, business process services and IT outsourcing services.

Our key HSE offerings include the following:

Vantage Personnel on Board (POB): An important part of managing HSE risks, compliance and incidences is effective workforce management. Keeping track of field personnel and making sure they have received adequate HSE training is critical. CGI’s own Vantage Personnel on Board (POB) system enables our clients to track the movement and training of their offshore staff through comprehensive and secure registration and data sharing functionalities.

Synergi Life: Soon after Piper Alpha platform disaster in 1988, an industry consortium of five major energy companies pooled their resources to ensure that such a tragedy would never happen again. The end result was the development of Synergi Life (previously named Synergi), a powerful, comprehensive risk management solution that manages incidents, quality assurance, audits, risks, and sustainability activities. CGI has a partnership with DNV, the provider of Synergi, to customize and integrate this flexible, modular solution for our clients.

Other third-party systems: CGI is also a leading system integrator of other third-party HSE systems, such as RapidReach, COSHH, FOUNTAIN, PetroTechnics Sentinel PRO®, SAP EHS, etc. This expertise enables us to recommend, customize and implement the best possible technology solutions for our clients.

The value we deliver

Through our HSE expertise and solutions, major oil and gas companies around the world benefit from the following:

  • Faster, more effective response to incidents
  • Reduced HSE risks
  • Greater regulatory compliance
  • Higher levels of security
  • Increased sustainability
  • Optimized workforce management

Why CGI?

CGI has decades of experience and expertise in serving the global oil and gas sector and meeting our clients’ HSE challenges. Through our large pool of HSE experts, we offer both the business and technology know-how required to understand the issues, define the requirements and implement the solutions necessary to drive HSE improvements across your enterprise. Our Vantage POB solution is used by leading oil and gas companies worldwide, and more than 50 oil and gas companies are currently leveraging our Synergi Life consulting service. We also have successfully completed a large number of third-party HSE system implementation projects for our clients.

We have an extensive track record of delivering HSE results and welcome the opportunity to help your organization.