Loyalty programs

Building loyalty innovatively and efficiently

Driving customer loyalty through innovative, targeted and results-driven loyalty programs is becoming increasingly important for downstream retailers in a market challenged by intense competition and tight margins. Leading retailers are looking for ways to extract more value out of their existing customer base through loyalty programs that entice, engage and effectively interact with customers.

CGI works with downstream retailers across the globe to deliver loyalty services and solutions that increase customer retention efficiently and cost-effectively. With decades of downstream experience, we understand our clients’ loyalty challenges and requirements and have extensive experience in using technology to build and run high-performance loyalty programs.

What we offer

CGI offers an integrated payment and loyalty card platform called WM-card that provides all of the features necessary to drive customer loyalty and profits. Available on a license or SaaS basis, WM-card offers the following unique features:

  • Integration of a robust loyalty engine with the platform’s core card payment processor, which enables any payment transaction passing through the system to be filtered in real time through the client’s loyalty program
  • Fully integrated back-office system supporting card issuing, transaction pricing, point balance accounting, credit management, invoicing and settlement
  • Integrated card issuance and authorization capabilities, which avoids card scheme interchange fees
  • Two-way interaction with point-of-sales, mobile devices, third parties (e.g. banks and merchants for either payment or loyalty transaction) and client ERP and CRM systems
  • Management of loyalty programs using smart profiling techniques that allow dynamic updates on the fly using a rich feature set
  • PCI/DSS certified SaaS service that is also fully scalable and can be integrated with other business process services provided by CGI such as reconciliation, settlement, call service and fulfillment

CGI offers not only its own intellectual property, but customizes and implements third-party loyalty solutions, ensuring our clients benefit from the best possible technology. Our loyalty solutions are supported by end-to-end IT services, including business consulting, systems integration services, business process services and IT outsourcing services.

The value we deliver

Used by major oil and gas companies for more than two decades, WM-card delivers the following competitive advantages:

  • More effective targeting of promotional spend and discounting
  • High-levels of customer interaction and a superior customer experience
  • Real-time redemption of loyalty points or vouchers of any kind
  • Effective PDA marketing
  • Mining of payment transaction data to segment market and target offers
  • Fast, flexible response to changing market conditions
  • Reduction in the “non-value” cost of running loyalty and payment programs (e.g., IT processing overhead, print, postage, interchange fees for co-branded cards, etc.)
  • Sharing and settlement of loyalty program costs efficiently between participating parties
  • Better compliance with data privacy legislation

Why CGI?

WM-Card has evolved and matured over many years of successful operation by large oil and gas clients worldwide. It’s used by global companies in countries across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. CGI’s loyalty experts collaborate closely with clients to customize the system to suit their needs and achieve on-time, on-budget implementation.