As an IT services partner and expert of choice, CGI leads in the transformation of commercial and government organizations around the world.
Every day around the world, we partner with clients to turn rapid change into measurable opportunity. We are pleased to present our partnerships with clients, the commitment of our members, our performance for shareholders, and our engagement with communities in ...

Stock overview

  • TSX: GIB.A
  • Fiscal year end: September 30

Company overview

Founded in 1976, CGI is the fifth largest independent IT and business consulting services firm in the world. With approximately 72,500 professionals worldwide, CGI delivers an end-to-end portfolio of high-end IT and business consulting services, systems integration and IT and business process outsourcing services. CGI's client proximity model, best-fit global delivery network, and intellectual property solutions help clients accelerate results and digitally transform their organizations. With annual revenue of C$10.8 billion, CGI shares are listed on the TSX (GIB.A) and the NYSE (GIB).

Q1 F2018 highlights

Q1 F2018 Highlights
Q1 F2018 highlights

*Specific items in Q1-F2018 are comprised of: a favorable tax adjustment of $34.1 million, $24.3 million in restructuring costs and $12.5 million in acquisition-related and integration costs, both net of tax; Specific items in Q1-F2017 are comprised of: $1.9 million in acquisition-related and integration costs net of tax.

Enhanced value proposition
  • End-to-end IT services
  • Deep industry expertise (five verticals)
  • Unique global delivery model
  • Quality delivery track record
  • Flexible client partnerships

Note: All figures in Canadian dollars. Q1-F2018 MD&A, interim condensed consolidated financial statements and accompanying notes can be found at and have been filed with both SEDAR in Canada and EDGAR in the U.S.

Revenue distribution

Service type Client geography Vertical markets

52% Systems integration and consulting

48% Management of IT and business functions

- IT services 38%
- Business process services 10%

28%     United States
16%     Canada
15%     France
12%     United Kingdom
  7%     Sweden
  7%     Finland
15%     Rest of the world
31%   Government
25%   Manufacturing, retail and distribution
22%   Financial services
15%   Communications and utilities
  7%   Health


Competitive strengths

CGI's competitive strengths provide an enhanced value proposition for clients. CGI combines strategic and technical expertise in five high growth vertical markets. It provides flexibility and cost competitiveness through its end-to-end service offerings and global delivery model. It achieves client intimacy through its metro market approach and a strong local presence. It consistently provides high quality service through the application of its management frameworks.


Organic growth        Growth by acquisitions
Systems integration
contracts and
Niche market
  • Extend service offerings to existing clients
  • Win new contracts and renewals
  • Develop new client relationships
  • Grow pipeline of outsourcing proposals
  • Win outsourcing contracts with new and existing clients
  • Enhance vertical offerings
  • Increase geographic presence
  • Strengthen our solutions portfolio
  • Increase critical mass to qualify for more large contracts
  • Increase geographic presence
  • Ensure strategic fit and accretion to net earnings