CGI’s Renewables Management System (RMS) is a solution for the centralized operation of wind, hydro, photovoltaic and other renewable energy power stations. It is an operational platform used to streamline management and control of your growing renewable energy portfolio, while ...
  • Manage all your renewable assets from a single system

  • Real-time monitoring and control

  • IoT and big data analytics

  • Support end-to-end business processes

  • Integrate seamlessly with grid operators

  • Plan and track maintenance activities

  • Save time with automated reports

  • Be flexible with web and mobile platforms

RMS has been proven to handle high volumes of real-time data and has world class tools to turn this data into valuable information. RMS is used to monitor and control around 15 GW of renewable energy production across the globe. 

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RMS comprises an integrated set of tools put together to maximize energy production, increase availability, control energy losses and improve overall operational performance with direct impact on business revenues.

RMS runs on multiple monitors, which is ideal for dispatch centre requirements. It has a web-based interface to access both real-time and historical information, and IoS and Android apps for mobile access on-the-go.

The RMS solution has built-in mechanisms to cater for scalability, micro-services and real-time streaming of KPI calculations. 

RMS also offers additional toolsets to aid in managing renewables operations, including reporting, machine learning, predictive maintenance, and Operations Planner mechanisms



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CGI is one of the most experienced software integrators for wind farm management systems worldwide. Our engineering team has strong technical and industry knowledge that has been successfully delivering similar projects for more than 15 years.

The Renewables team, responsible for designing, building and implementing RMS and other industry-specific solutions, is based in Lisbon, Portugal. About fifty members of the team focus solely on the development and implementation of the RMS system, an integrated technology platform for the supervision, control and analysis of renewable power plants. These members are experts from a wide range of disciplines including computer science, electrical engineering, GIS and business management, among others. The key to the team’s success is the ability to share skills and information, and a commitment to continuous improvement.