Movin’On 2017

CGI is a Platinum partner of the international smart and sustainable urban mobility summit

It’s an exciting time to invent the future of urban mobility. Advances in digital strategies, processes and technologies are providing new opportunities to enhance the citizen experience in urban areas, and enable sustainable growth through innovative customer- and citizen-centric business models.

As we support our clients on this transformative journey, we are delighted to be a part of Movin’On 2017, a unique collaborative event on smart and sustainable urban mobility.

A longstanding partner to Michelin, we have been a part of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum (MCB) Open Lab sustainable mobility initiatives and communities of interest for years, actively supporting the “Think and Do Tank’s” goal to become the international reference ecosystem for innovative mobility.

Movin’On is a key step in this journey. The event held June 13-15 offers a platform for the Open Lab ecosystem to come together to challenge the status quo, collaborate to advance ideas and projects, and commit to turning them into a reality.

As the Platinum partner of Movin’On 2017, we are closely involved in shaping the agenda and driving the dialogue to create safe, responsible and sustainable urban mobility solutions.