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Healthcare Data Security, Part II

Meeting the expectations of digitally aware consumers, improving patient care, adopting new medical devices and technologies, and complying with evolving requirements all demand the protection of patient privacy. This paper explores the security challenges that come with these new demands, and the need for new and creative ways to address health cybersecurity and privacy, both inside and outside of the data center. It follows the paper, Healthcare Data Security: Part I, The Problem with the Future is the Past.


Internet of Things Framework for Health Factsheet

CGI’s Internet of Things (IoT) Framework for Health helps providers create value by structuring data collected through “health things”—e.g., devices, sensors, applications—and make it meaningful and actionable in order to achieve targeted outcomes.


Finnish Red Cross Blood Service “Vein to Vein” Solution

This video was developed for the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service in cooperation with CGI to introduce the new state-of-the-art “vein to vein” solution for blood service organizations. This system will streamline the blood delivery chain making it more efficient to monitor blood and blood products, the transparency of operations, and the ability to predict the need for blood.