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Don't expect a commercial ERP to do the government's job

Because the mission of state and local governments is to deliver services driven by policy and legislative mandates, they cannot operate like for-profit businesses. The level of transparency into financial, budgetary and human resource activities needed exceeds any private sector requirements. This paper discusses why these and other differences between the public and private sectors affect the type of ERP solutions needed to support the unique business of government.


CGI Advantage Performance Budgeting and Measurement

Supports all of the unique phases of public sector budgeting on a single platform to ensure accountability and transparency from formulating initial budget requests to creating the budget documents, and managing for results during budget execution.


City of Rotterdam uses CGI BestDriver app to help reduce fuel consumption and improve safety

This video was developed by the City of Rotterdam in cooperation with CGI to support an initiative to reduce carbon emissions (caused by inner city transportation) to zero by the year 2020. CGI’s BestDriver-app, which makes use of big data and gamification, was used to encourage drivers to reduce fuel consumption and drive more safely.


ERP and the Public Sector: Useful Implementation Insights from Peers That Have Been There, Done That

KPMG LLP Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory – Public Sector. Results of a survey conducted by KPMG (Equaterra) Stakeholders of ERP stakeholders within large public sector organizations (such as federal agencies,
and state and major local government entities) that were currently exploring
or planning for ERP, implementing or attempting to implement ERP, or were
already operating an ERP solution