Today’s rapidly changing, digitally infused markets and the intensifying fight for customers demand that organizations execute with unprecedented speed and agility. To address this reality, enterprises are looking for an edge; and, for many, that edge is embracing agile software development practices.

The promise of agile centers on transitioning from traditional, overly regimented and slow software development practices and “enablers” to a more iterative, flexible approach that enables organizations to quickly respond to changing business requirements and new emerging technologies.

For agile initiatives to thrive, a strategic cultural change program is required. Organizations need to change and/or supplement existing organizational practices (i.e., people, processes and tools) to create an environment where agile initiatives can be implemented and succeed.

Download CGI’s white paper, The Agile Cultural Shift: Why Agile Isn’t Always Agile, to learn more about the business case for enterprise agile, barriers to enterprise agile adoption and building an enterprise agile culture.