Insights and recommendations to drive digital transformation in the utilities industry

Digitalization is remapping the energy system’s DNA. Unprecedented pressure from regulators and consumers is driving utilities to accelerate their digital strategy and implementation. This urgency to transform is pushing organizations to act, but the burning question is: are they doing what they really should to navigate the complexity of digitalization across people, processes and technology? What are the leaders in digital transformation doing?

This paper builds on the 2017 CGI Client Global Insights in which our utilities clients recognize that digital technologies are changing the way they operate, service their customers and ultimately grow their business. However, some utilities are embracing digital transformation with a foresight and maturity level that clearly sets them apart.

Our findings and insights reveal what these leaders in digital transformation are doing, their focus and priorities for the ongoing transition, and how they are addressing a key element of the transformation: people and cultural change. Understanding their views on their people strategy provides invaluable insight into the traits that characterize the organizations that are ahead of the game in adopting digital as a business model.

Read our paper to learn more about the key traits of transformation leaders, what they are doing differently, their business and IT priorities, their innovations and IT human capital strategies.

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