State of Maine

Streamlining ERP to improve business processes, transitioning to managed services for predictable spend

In this era of ongoing budget constraints and dwindling workforces, governments are expected to do more with less. The State of Maine was feeling pressure from these challenges. A trusted partner with CGI since 1989, when the State needed help coming up with a viable solution to update their ERP on a budget, they enlisted CGI.

The challenge

In addition to using CGI Advantage® Financial Management since 1989, the State was maintaining a large number of agency-specific feeder systems, contributing to the following challenges:

  • A high degree of redundant data entry
  • Slow processing times
  • Lack of timely information
  • Over-reliance on paper-based transactions.

The solution

In 2005, the State chose to upgrade to the web-based CGI Advantage solution to a centralized and integrated finance, budget and procurement environment. Through modernization, the State would consolidate systems and streamline processes, putting them on the right track toward greater efficiency and control. The State went live on time and on budget in July 2007, achieving its mission for a centralized finance, budget and procurement system. Today, 139 agencies, including the Departments of Education, Environmental Protection, Human Resources, Labor, Public Safety and Transportation, and the Treasurer of State, use the centralized solution, realizing the following benefits:

  • Real-time financial and budgeting information with synchronous posting
  • Improved access to information with real-time updates, data query and drill-downs
  • Elimination of tens of thousands of pieces of paper through automation, online forms, workflow and approvals
  • Reduced report printing, storage and distribution costs
  • Increased central oversight authority and agency control and information acccuracy, less reliance on central finance
  • Greater flexibility to make adjustments to adapt quickly to change
  • Reduced manual reconciliation
  • Accelerated approvals
  • Increased vendor response to solicitations, better control over bidding rules.

-Doug Cotnoir, Controller, State of Maine

Managed Advantage – Moving to the cloud

In 2010, the State was facing substantial budget constraints and also needed to upgrade its CGI Advantage system. In addition, the State struggled with attracting and retaining adequately trained IT staff to run the ERP system. The few IT professionals they had on staff were in constant demand and could not support new IT initiatives. After analyzing the options, the State decided to transition to CGI's managed ERP service (Managed Advantage). 

The State has secured longer-term viability and investment in key systems like ERP under predictable spending models that eliminate the need to explain annual fluctuations in future funding requests. This has helped the State address their budget constraints and keep their ERP up to date with ongoing upgrades and enhancements.

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