The challenge

In the United States, New England’s brutal winters cause dramatic peaks in energy consumption and equally dramatic dips in household budgets. Greater consumption can mean energy bills paid late—or not at all.

In this business climate, Northeast Utilities, one of the region’s largest energy services companies, faced big concerns when it came to controlling its collections operations.  The utility’s collections process needed to perform more reliably, while missing from its approach were the critical abilities to increase pre-charge-off efficiency and effectiveness and to create risk-differentiated collections strategies.  The company sought a solution that would meet these difficult issues head-on while bringing greater consistency to the work process overall.

How CGI helped

CGI worked with the client to develop and deploy a comprehensive collections systems solution, featuring its market-leading CACS® application.  With CACS in place, this energy services company improved collection efficiency, created flexible rules for defining workflows and making third-party assignments, added loss mitigation functionality, and gained automated decisioning to help guide collector actions.

The results to date

CGI is using its 35+ years of collections experience and proven software to power up the effectiveness and efficiency of Northeast Utilities’ collections operations.  CGI has helped the company rationalize resources, leverage capabilities, standardize processes to achieve far greater operational control and performance results and improve control of collection strategy with minimum IT involvement. 

Collections personnel work with the real-time information and the risk-differentiated strategies they need to interact with customers more knowledgeably and, as a result, more productively.  Greater personalization in customer contacts also means greater customer satisfaction in resolving outstanding account balances.

CGI is dramatically transforming the energy services company’s collection program, enabling the client to reduce bad debt and to increase the efficiency of its collections operations.

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